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Buy Wood Chairs

Wood Restaurant ChairIt makes sense to use wooden restaurant chairs in any dining environment. These are popular chairs that are seen in many different restaurants. Whether you own a sandwich shop that caters to the lunch crowd or a fine dining restaurant that is only open for elegant dinners, you would be wise to buy such kind of wooden chairs. They are a practical purchase for many reasons. They are user friendly, versatile, and easy to clean. The durability of wooden chairs makes them perfect for continuous use throughout the year. Their ability to withstand said use makes them affordable.

Excellent quality restaurant chairs are a great value for what you buy. In addition to a well-built chair that displays expert craftsmanship, the chair is durable. When a restaurant buys chairs, they need to remember that it will need to endure continued use. The chair will be sat in by thousands of patrons. It will get pushed in and out hundreds of times a day. That chair should not only stand up to constant use but it should look good while doing so. Do your restaurant budget a favor and buy good chairs the first time. That way, you won’t be replacing broken chairs that you didn’t budget for.

Wood restaurant chairs will blend well with any décor. No matter what eatery you place a wooden chair in, it will complement the style. It could be an Italian restaurant or a bakery that serves only desserts. It does not matter because wood is always a good choice. It will seamlessly become a part of the restaurant’s atmosphere without looking out of place. In addition to fitting in, this chair will be easy to clean whether it is marinara or sprinkles that get left behind.

The ease of use of wood restaurant chairs  makes them perfect for the dining experience. The chairs are comfortable for the customer to sit on and practical for the restaurant owner and the servers. It could be that you are opening a new place or that you have owned your place for a long time, in either situation, choose the best chairs for the job. The owner or manager who chooses wooden chairs has made a wise decision.

Choose the Best Furniture for Your Restaurant

restaurant barstool

Your dreams are finally becoming a reality. You’ve just landed the space and cooking equipment. Nowall you need are some great restaurant tables and chairs and a new, hip menu, and you’ll be up and running in no time. When shopping for the best quality restaurant tables and chairs at great prices, always start your search online. The online shopping experience is easy, convenient, and you’ll be delighted by the selection you can find online. Then, once you’ve received your quote and choose to accept it and place your order, your restaurant furniture will be on its way to your new restaurant in no time.

The first thing you’ll notice about this particular online resource is the great selection. There are a ton of top quality tables and chairs to choose from. Whether you’d prefer a high end look to your new restaurant and want to go with something fancier, such as granite, butcher block, or quartz, or you’d like to start out being more on the budget friendly side of things to begin with and choose a laminate or padded type booth, you’ll find it all and lots more on this one convenient website. The prices are prominently placed so that you’ll always know what you’re dealing with, and as you choose to add them to your quote, you’ll end up with a figure you know you can afford. Or, if you don’t like the price you see, you can swap things out for something less expensive. There really isn’t a more convenient way to shop for the restaurant tables and chairs you need to make your new restaurant a success.

When choosing the right furniture for your brand new restaurant — or even if you don’t have a brand new restaurant and simply want or need to upgrade your old, outdated furniture — you won’t find a better, easier, more convenient shopping experience than what you’ll get with this website. You also won’t find a better selection or better prices. Best of all, because you’re dealing with an online shopping experience, you get to shop on your own schedule and on your own terms. There won’t be any pushy salespeople attempting to push you into buying the most expensive furniture they’ve got. There’s only you, your internet connected device, and your method of payment, on your own schedule. And because the internet is never closed, you can shop at any time of the day or night, any day of the week, any week of the year. It’s entirely up to you. Peruse the selection at your leisure. Put together a couple of packages to receive a quote on so that you have some

options to choose from. You’re never locked into anything until you choose to accept a quote and make that purchase.

Choosing the right furniture for your restaurant is one of the most important decisions you will make. Getting it right the first time is about finding great quality restaurant tables and chairs at great prices and you won’t find anything better than what you’ll find on this website.

5 Things to Look For In Quality Restaurant Pub Tables

pub tablesIf you expect your customers to keep coming back, you need to offer them something more than just good food or drinks. Something that will compel them to memorize your name the next time they plan for a dinner or party. From perfect hospitality to making the right statement with your décor, everything adds to make you your customers’ favorite! Having those elegant and stylish pub tables and chairs that are available in wide assortment of designs can create that perfect ambiance, and give a reason to enjoy and come back to your establishment to your customers.

Restaurant pub tables are designed higher than the regular tables to easily accommodate counter and bar stools. Generally available in all basic shapes including round, oval, square or rectangle, the pub table is designed 36- to 42-inches tall and can be a great addition to your food service business. Before you make a purchase, you must look for the following things in a quality pub table:

1. Choose Your Table Top for Ultimate Style

A visually pleasing and trendy pub, bar or restaurant table top can transform customers’ experience at your establishment. Even the smallest and the simplest things can leave a lasting impression on your guests such as a quality pub table. The pub tables come in a variety of table top styles and each one features a unique charm of its own. When it comes to style, the type of table top material you choose may totally depend on your personal taste or the theme you want to create. Available in a range of designs and size options, the commercial-grade pub tables are available in wood, metal, stainless steel, laminate and resin table tops. While a wood table top is more likely to offer a traditional style feel to your space, a laminate top is less expensive, but has a similar look to wood. On the other hand, granite topped tables add a sense of contemporary or modern flair to your establishment. The extremely well-constructed resin table tops come in a range of attractive finish options, mainly meant for outdoor use.

2. Choose Your Table Top for Maximum Durability

The durability of the pub table top depends on the table top construction material and from the company where you buy it. The decision to consider the type of table top may vary greatly whether it is indoor or outdoor placement of the pub table. The table top should be appropriate to its’ location in the restaurant to  assure that it will meet the demands expected of commercial pub and restaurant table tops.  Wood is generally just for indoor use, while resin is best used outdoors and granite can be used in both indoors and out.

3. Pair Your Pub Table with the Right Base

Pub tables pair with a a wide assortment of restaurant table bases, including round base, cross base, t-shaped bases and cantilevers, along with post legs. You may decide which table base goes with your table top as per the recommended size for the weight and table top size and your personal style preference. Among the above mentioned base types, the round and cross base (also popular as “X” base) are the most commonly used in pubs and restaurants. The round table bases are often a popular choice for round table tops. A round table installed on a round table base offers more stability than a round table attached to a square or cross table base because a round base may have 5 contact points to the floor as opposed to 4 for the cross base. They also allow for easy cleaning. Cross table bases are comparatively trickier to vacuum and sweep around. On the other hand, if you have a tight space and aisle or floor space is your main concern, cross base tables take an upper hand, for they allow the chairs to be pushed further under the table than with round base pub tables. For this, the cross bases become the favorite for rectangular or square table bases. The round base tables are heavier and offer increased stability as well. However, the size and weight of the table tops also play a significant role while making the final pub table base choice.

4. Do Not Ignore the Column Thickness or Spider Size

The column of a pub table connects the metal top plate (also popularly known as “spider”) to the base plate. The column thickness of a pub table is something a restaurant or pub owner just cannot afford to ignore when buying the restaurant furniture for it directly relates to the stability of the table top. More the thickness of the column, more firmly it holds the table top.  For example, the thickness of the column wall can typically range from 16 to 22 gauge steel which may not seem like much, but a thinner 22 gauge steel may cause the top to sway too much if pressure is applied to the top.  Generally, the larger the top plate the more stability as well to keep down the movement of the table.  Both the spider and column work as a unit to make the table top more stable.

5, Ensure No Wobbling

A wobbly table can certainly frustrate your customers and compel them to visit you less often or not visit you again at all. Such an issue should be routinely checked under a regular maintenance plan. However, the issue of wobbling tables can be controlled by using levelers under the table base.  Levelers will fall out and get lost and napkins are typically used to solve missing levelers which is a poor way to level a table. Maintaining levelers provide superior steadiness, and thus offer a comfortable dining experience for your customers.  Levelers should be checked at every shift change.


Why Granite and Wood Are The Best Materials For Restaurant Tables

granite restaurant tablesRestaurant owners, managers and chefs need easy-to-use tabletops that are functional and affordable. Material type has a huge impact on these factors, which is the reason why restaurant professionals choose natural tabletop materials, such as granite and wood, for dining customers and kitchen staff. Here is what any restaurant professional needs to know about why granite and wood tabletops are superior to other materials for restaurant use.

Granite and Wood Offer Durability

Granite and wood tabletops offer many benefits. Both are extremely durable, allowing the tabletop to endure a lifetime without diminished quality. Granite is difficult to scratch, chip, or stain, and it is virtually impervious to burns from toasters or griddles, all important factors in a restaurant environment.

Wood can take a real beating over the years, but even when it shows some wear, a simple sanding and polishing makes it look as good as new. Wood is an ideal material inside kitchens. Chefs across the world use wood butcher block table tops.

Beautiful and Timeless

Granite is a form of hardened magma found in different environments throughout the world, so each piece is unique. Granite comes in hundreds of colors and contains various swirls and other patterns, allowing customization to fit in any restaurant. Granite is also versatile — it’s suited for both indoor and outdoor use, which means more options to expand restaurant seating.

Wood is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials available for restaurant table tops. It also allows customization options from the thickness, shape, and hue. Although wood doesn’t perform as well outdoors as granite does, it’s an excellent choice for indoor use. Certain types of wood such as teak can survive outdoor use.

Sanitary and Easy Cleaning

Granite and wood help create a sanitary environment for customers and staff. The surface of granite serves as an unfavorable environment for bacteria growth; there is less maintenance required and less chance of contaminated food. Wood that is properly finished and maintained is highly resistant to staining and bacteria as well. Both materials are easy to clean, allowing staff to quickly clear tables to ensure fast turnover of customers.

Affordability Is Key

Wood and granite restaurant tables are affordable options, especially considering the long-term value these materials offer. Both materials require very little maintenance, meaning you won’t have to invest inordinate amounts of time and money into their upkeep. Granite restaurant tables may need only occasional resealing, but it is much more durable and less porous than other tabletop materials like marble, soapstone and limestone.

Why Marble Isn’t Good In Restaurants

Some restaurant owners express interest in marble, but there are plenty of reasons this material is not suitable for restaurants. Marble is prone to staining from glass rings when a coaster isn’t used and from food and wine spills. If you spill citrus juice from a lemon or orange on marble, it will also quickly diminish marble’s polish, meaning this material is simply not as well suited for a restaurant’s dining environment.

The edges of marble can chip easily, and the material can crack when exposed to high fluctuations in temperature, which is often the case inside restaurants. Marble can cause broken dishes, due to its surface texture, which can quickly add up to big losses. Because marble is expensive, many restaurant owners view it as a bad investment.

There are many natural material restaurant tables, but granite and wood come out on top. Consider the unique needs of the restaurant to determine which material will work best.


Cleaning Natural Wood

Finding the right tables for your restaurant or business can be a long process. With a market flooded with options in a plethora of styles and materials, it can be a daunting task. When you finally find the perfect commercial furniture for your business, it is essential to maintain proper cleaning to keep your new purchase looking its best. One of the most popular choices for commercial tables is natural wood. They add a rustic, earthy feel with a touch of elegance to any dining space. Knowing the basics about cleaning natural wood tables can help extend their life and the life of your dining area.

Cleaning Natural Wood

One of the most important elements when cleaning natural wood tables is to use the right amountround restaurant table tops of warm water. Never pour water directly on wood or attempt to soak a stain as you will end up damaging the wood. To clean natural wood tables, use mild soap and warm water in a bucket. Using a towel, dip it in the bucket and wring out before applying to table. If you have a bad stain, you can wring out the towel a little less before scrubbing, but be sure to dry up that spot promptly to avoid water soaking into the wood. Never use harsh chemicals or anything with ammonia in it as it will strip your wood. When finished cleaning, always use a dry towel to soak up any excess water or cleaning solution left behind. Depending on if you have a finished or unfinished wood table, you may consider applying a coat of wax to keep it in pristine condition. If applying wax, start with a small amount and then add more as you go to avoid an oily residue and finger smudges. It is also recommended to use a microfiber dusting cloth in between cleanings to avoid any abrasions from the buildup of dust.

Wood tables can add to the life of your business with their quiet grace and simplistic beauty. Following some basic tips for properly cleaning natural wood tables can keep them like new for years to come!