2 Ways Restaurant Butcher Block Table Tops Are a Great Investment

wood restaurant furnitureAre you considering opening a new restaurant, or remodeling an existing one?  If you are, take some time to do some research and comparison of the competition.  If you go to some competing dining establishments, you will notice that there are a large number of restaurants that use restaurant butcher block table tops for their dining tables.  Why are butcher block tables such a perfect choice for restaurants?  This blog explains two of the reasons restaurant butcher block tables are a great choice, and how they can maximize your investment in your restaurant furniture.

1. Butcher Block Tables are Timeless

The use of butcher block tables in restaurants is timeless. Wood is a natural substance made from trees, and we all understand that trees have been around forever.  Furniture has been made from wood since the beginning of time.  So it only makes sense that the earliest restaurant furniture would have been manufactured from wood.  Does this mean that butcher block tables, and wood tables in general are antique and out of date?  Actually, it is just the opposite.  Butcher block tables are classic and timeless.  They create just the right warm tone and look in many styles of restaurants.  They are perfect for use in a rough hewn steakhouse, and create just the right look for an upscale dining establishment.  They work great in a sports bar and grill, a tavern or a pub.  In fact, butcher block table tops, along with solid oak tables, are the original pub style restaurant tables.  Butcher block tables work well in so many types of restaurants that they have become one of the most popular choices in restaurant tables.  Since butcher block tables are timeless, you’ll maximize your investment as you won’t have to worry that they’ll go out of style or fashion and have to be replaced.

2. Butcher Block Tables Are Extremely Durable

Butcher block tables are a great way to maximize your initial investment in restaurant furniture as they are extremely durable.  As a business owner, this saves you money, because you will not have to replace your restaurant tables nearly as soon as with tables made of some other materials.  Butcher block does need to be routinely maintained and care needs to be taken to properly clean them, but with proper care, they can last for the life of the restaurant.  Setting up a table top maintenance plan will help you achieve the maximum longevity from your table tops.  Butcher block tops can also be refinished, instead of replaced if necessary.

Butcher block tables can be constructed in a variety of ways.  They can be made by gluing flat pieces of lumber on their edge together.  Some are made by joining two or more pieces of wood end to end instead of a continuous board, which will cost less because smaller pieces are used.  Some tables are actually veneer butcher block table tops which have particle board in them.  There are many different vendors with a wide variety of manufacturing quality in table tops.  Be sure to do your homework when speaking with restaurant furniture vendors to ascertain the quality of the restaurant butcher block table tops they sell, and how they are manufactured.