3 Benefits of Restaurant Tables and Booths

restaurant boothsWhen planning your new restaurant, consider whether you will want to add restaurant tables with booth seating, as well as chairs or barstools.  Restaurant booths offer many benefits, both to the customer and the restaurant owner. For restaurant owners who want to add table and booth seating in their restaurant layout, this blog article covers three of their benefits.

1. Restaurant Tables and Booths are Affordable

Restaurant booths offer many custom options which help to ensure that the booth seating will be exactly tailored to the type of restaurant it’s placed in.  Are these custom booths expensive?  Booths can seem to be expensive when compared to restaurant chairs, but the restaurant owner needs to consider that one table and booth takes the place of a table placed with multiple chairs.  Custom booths start at a very affordable price point making them an attractive restaurant furniture option.

2. Restaurant Booths and Tables are Preferred by Some Customers

A lot of customers prefer booths because of the privacy a booth offers. Customers with children may prefer booths because it easier to seat and assist multiple children in a booth seating layout. Couples may prefer booths because of their coziness and the intimacy they create. Some restaurant booths are more thickly padded and come in extravagant upholstery styles making them more a more luxurious seating option.  Simply placing some restaurant table and booth seating in your restaurant allows you to give your customer the choice.

3. Restaurant Booths and Tables Can Save Space

Restaurant booths can also save a lot of space. Rows of booths can maximize seating in smaller restaurant settings. Restaurant booths can be custom designed to fit two, four, or any number of diners, even up to large banquette style booths for very large dining parties. Restaurant booths are available in many different configurations. They can be custom made in round or rectangular styles which means they can fit into almost any space. Booths normally take up fewer square feet than table and chair options which seat the same amount of people. Booths come in an infinite selection of colors, fabrics, vinyl and finish options to match any restaurant décor or theme.

It’s important to know some basic facts about the proper layout and sizing ratios necessary when purchasing restaurant tables and booth seating.  Ordering the correct size for the intended type of restaurant application is very important. The “normal” size industry standard for a full booth set up is 72 inches from the center of one booth table to the center of the next booth table. The size needed for your commercial booth application may be more or less than 72 inches. Factors to consider are the type of restaurant and the layout. Some types of restaurants, such as pizza, Asian or Mexican style restaurants, usually require more than the 30 inch wide table top factored into the normal 72 inch booth setup. Conversely, booths for applications such as coffee shops, break rooms and/or fast food establishments, typically need a smaller than 30 inch wide table top and a smaller than 72 inch booth setup. Restaurant booths come in custom heights and lengths, and can be sized to your exact specifications for your hospitality setting.

The seating capacity of a restaurant table is necessary consideration when purchasing a booth.   Generally, the table top will increase in size in connection with the prices on the menu.   Many restaurants feature long custom made single side booths that may run along the wall of a restaurant and multiple tables placed in a row along the booth.  Still another option is rounded or horseshoe shaped booths.  For these restaurant table and booth configurations, it is best to consult a reputable commercial furniture vendor for assistance in purchasing the right size and quantity of tables.