3 Business Types and Their Restaurant Chairs

restaurant chairMany times business owners who are searching online for commercial chairs for dining establishments type in the search term “restaurant chair” in the online search engine to initiate their search.  While these businesses are not restaurants, it’s understandable why they would search for restaurant chairs for any business that requires commercial seating for dining.  Below are some specific types of commercial businesses and the chair style that may be appropriate for them.

1. Banquet Halls

Businesses, such as banquet halls, need restaurant chairs for receptions, banquets or parties. Banquet halls are large rooms, buildings or event spaces that are specifically designed to hold receptions, banquets, or parties for large groups.  These event spaces are ideal for weddings, conferences, and rehearsal dinners. What types of commercial restaurant chairs are ideal for banquet halls?  Stackable chairs, which as the name implies can be easily stacked for storage, are perfect chair options for banquet halls.  Many stackable chair models are available with matching transport dollies, which makes it extremely easy to move and store.  Folding chairs are an affordable option and are also easy to store, and work great in some banquet halls.  Conference seating chairs are thickly padded and more comfortable. They are available in many gorgeous fabrics and colors which makes it easy to coordinate the chairs with the decor of any banquet hall. Thickly padded and upholstered conference seating chairs are also ideal for seminars and conferences where attendees will be seated for long periods of time.

2. Assisted Living and Senior Centers

Seniors centers, where groups can get together to dine, socialize, make arts and crafts, or attend classes, also need dining chairs.  Many senior centers have their own dining rooms and regularly schedule luncheons or dinners.  Assisted living chairs have been designed and constructed to provide more support and are manufactured with wider arms.  This makes assisted living chairs arms perfect for seniors and people with disabilities because it is easier for people to get in and out of the chair and provides more support while they are seated.  Assisted living chairs come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and prices.

3. Churches

As with senior centers, many churches and other places of worship, have their own kitchens and dining areas.  Many churches utilize additional or temporary seating for events.  Commercial conference style chairs are perfect for churches.  Some commercial chair styles include an interlocking feature, which allows the chairs to be interlocked in order to create orderly pew-like rows.  Many chair styles include under-seat book or storage racks which can store a number of books or hymnals of various sizes and easy access from all four sides of the chair.  Conference chairs can also be ordered with elastic edges which allow books and cards to be held securely and conveniently and adjustable book shelves which fold completely down and out of the way when not in use.  Church chairs are available in many different fabrics, vinyls and colors.  Stackable or folding chairs work great for dining areas and as additional seating in any area of the church.

Whatever type of dining area your commercial business has, searching for restaurant chairs should lead you to the correct type of commercial dining style chair.