3 Top Reasons Restaurant Booth Seating is So Popular

restaurant boothMost restaurants have a variety of seating options in their restaurant, including booths, chairs and barstools.  They also may feature a variety of heights of tables and seating options.  This all contributes to give your customers their perfect choice in comfort while dining at your establishment.  This blog is meant to discuss restaurant booths and why some customers prefer booths over tables. This piece of information can be helpful for existing and aspiring restaurant owners. Read on for information on how booths are useful in restaurants.

What is a restaurant booth? In restaurant terms, a booth is a type of bench seating, which can be built to a variety of lengths and configurations to seat a certain number of people. Booths are typically made of wood and vinyl or upholstery on plushly padded seats, making them extremely comfortable sofa type seating.  Some customers find them more comfortable than chairs.

Usually, most restaurants are a combination of tables and booths because it is inadvisable to have only booths.  Table and chair sets can more easily be moved to accommodate different seating group sizes.  Not every dining space has the room for multiple booths.  Also, not every customer is looking for the privacy a booth provides. However, it is extremely beneficial for any restaurant to add some booth seating if possible.

When customers ask for booths in a restaurant, in the back of their minds, there are several factors at play impacting this decision. The first reason is obviously the privacy that restaurant booths provide. Booths are usually more enclosed, and provide a level of privacy that a huge number of customers look for. Booths can lessen sound in a restaurant making it easier to have a conversation. Some customers like the intimacy of being able to sit closer to their companions, if they have smaller children or are perhaps on a date.  Also, certain customers feel more secure as they can place their purse or belongings on the seat next to them, keeping them safeguarded in a booth.

The next best thing about booths is the level of comfort they offer. Since most booths are equipped with sofa style cozy seating, customers enjoy the comfort of the soft padded seats and backs. Customers who are more comfortable and relaxed may be more apt to order an after dinner drink or dessert.  Of course, customers who’ve had a comfortable dining experience are more likely to return.

Customers also prefer booths over tables because the amount of rush may feel lesser near the booth areas as compared to tables. In many booth setups, the servers can only access one side of the booth. As a result, a customer who is looking for privacy may feel slightly more comfortable due if they perceive they are out of the traffic of other customers and waiters traversing the dining area.  Some working professionals might also prefer booths if they need to work while they are dining.  Diners who are working will not want to be disturbed, and will appreciate the extra space for their papers and smart phone and the privacy a booth provides.

In general, booths can make a customer feel more at home by giving them a sense of a private space. Especially for the customers who are on a date or other such intimate occasions, booths are a boon to the restaurant. The main thing that all the restaurateurs need to keep in mind during design is that restaurants provide not only food, but an experience.  Consider whether booths are the right choice for your individual restaurant.