Stainless Outdoor Set - Stainless Steel Table Top w/ Aluminum Chair

3 Top Tips to Set Up Your Restaurant Patio

There’s simply no better way to enjoy the warm weather than outdoor dining. Operating a patio on an outdoor rooftop area, a small back deck or anywhere you can fit an outdoor dining space can generate thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your restaurant. Extra outdoor dining space increases the number of tables your eatery can serve without needing to expand the inside.

AL-302TK Outdoor Arm Chair

A welcoming & inviting patio also helps to lure customers to your operation, and it can act as advertising for your eatery. In the last few years, patio furniture options have expanded to everything from simple plastic chairs, lightweight metal tables and chairs, to outdoor sofa and armchair sets. There are a wide variety of options in every price range, so setting up a patio at your food service operation is possible even with a small budget. Here are a few tips to get started:

Give it a detailed cleaning:

After a long, stubborn winter, give your patio space a thorough cleaning. Ensure the sidewalk or patio surface is in excellent shape. If not, resurface or power wash it if it’s looking worn out. If you’re investing in new restaurant patio furniture, consider only options that are made for use outdoors. Outdoor restaurant furniture is made to endure the elements and use, and will last much longer than indoor furniture.


Be smart with your seating arrangement:

Preferably, you wish to install as many seats & tables as you can on your patio, but ensure your kitchen is capable of handling the extra customers and that you’ve left enough space for servers and customers to be comfortable. When setting up, take into account the type of customers you attract. If your eatery serves to the younger, larger group of people, you might wish to set up comfortable couches & coffee tables for social gatherings. If your food service turns its tables many times in an evening, easy to clean metal or resin café tables can be a great choice. Consider investing in patio furniture made of authentic or faux teak, high gloss resin tables, or lightweight metal chairs and barstools. Not only are these materials durable and perfect for use in all weather conditions, but they look great as well.

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Create shade:

Ensure that your patio is furnished with tents, umbrellas or awnings to safeguard your customers from the elements. While some people might relish dining under the hot sun, the majority of people like to dine in the shade. There’re many varieties of umbrellas you can easily buy today that are perfect for restaurant patios. You can invest in extra-large rectangular or round umbrellas with cantilevered arms that are much easier to set up & move around, and don’t need to be put directly on the table. There are also outdoor restaurant table options that are available with a cut out for inserting a commercially rated patio table umbrella. Also, if your space allows, you can consider installing a retractable awning that you can adjust to keep the sunlight in an ideal position all through the day.
Stainless Outdoor Set - Stainless Steel Table Top w/ Aluminum Chair
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