4 Factors for Buying the Right Number of Restaurant Table Tops

restaurant table topsIn many restaurant design and layouts, tables are centerpieces that should be selected with utmost care. Whether you are an aspiring restaurateur or an established restaurant design company, every new project brings a few complications that can impede or delay your restaurant’s opening. Irrespective of the scale and size of your business, your customers always need comfortable tables to enjoy their food. Hence, you need to select the best restaurant table tops that suit the layout. Here’s how:

Compatibility with the Floor Space:

In order to buy the right number of table tops, you must determine the number of people that can be accommodated comfortably in the total square footage of your restaurant. Here, you need to measure the available spaces and calculate square footage that’s available for seating purposes. The spatial planning of the space should depend on anticipated traffic flow.

Before purchasing table tops and accompanying restaurant seating, you need to determine the proper size of restaurant tables for this space. The sizing of restaurant table tops should be based on factors like size of plates, theme of restaurant, dining style, and types of events hosted at your place.  There are many restaurant layout seating charts available by searching the internet that can help visually in the design of your floor space.

Impact of Theme on the Sizing of Table Tops:

This is an important consideration for the selection of table tops in a restaurant. The layout and theme largely define the number and size of tables that you need. For example, a fine dining restaurant needs larger table tops to accommodate additional dinnerware. Similarly, fast dining restaurants can opt for smaller table tops for serving small groups.

Adjustable Sizing in Table Tops:

In the recent years, many restaurants have realized the need to invest in adjustable tables that can adapt to changing business requirements. They need table tops that can be expanded to accommodate more guests during rush hours.  Smaller square tables that can be pushed together for large groups are an excellent adjustable choice.  Also, there are flip top tables where four edges can be flipped up to create a larger table surface. Here, you also need to consider the spacing to be left between tables to allow convenient movement.

Number of ADA-Compliant Table Tops in Your Restaurant:

Before completing the layout of your restaurant, you should determine the number of Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA compliant table tops that you need. In this regard, you can check the specifications of local building inspector for federal and state requirements. Your facility should be easily accessible for a person with a physical disability.  Check with your local codes or an experienced restaurant furniture vendor familiar with ADA compliant restaurant table tops to determine the correct table base design and height that is required. Also, check with your local authority to determine the minimum number of ADA compliant tables you must have in your restaurant.

Depending on these points, you can measure up the floor space in your restaurant and consider the options available in table tops to fit this space.  Buying the right restaurant furniture can be an investment, and daunting if it’s your first purchase.  Don’t be afraid to call on an expert restaurant furniture vendor to ask questions.  A reputable vendor will want to help you with advice so you make the right purchase.