4 Interesting Locations for An Outdoor Restaurant Patio

Restaurant Patio DiningAn outdoor dining space with the right restaurant patio furniture can bring in lots of extra customers, and increase your sales and ROI.  But does the region where you live give you an opportunity to make your restaurant patio more interesting than other restaurants?  There are numerous places you can create a patio that will be visually interesting, and this blog covers four locations sure to add immense interest and ambiance to your own special outdoor restaurant dining space.

Creating your own restaurant and outdoor eating area can be a stressful and expensive undertaking. Finding the right spot, and purchasing or leasing the real estate for your restaurant can take a lot of time, resources, and money. There are several reasons many restaurant owners undertake this venture though.  One of the many reasons could be the enjoyment of working everyday in a scenic location and experiencing the colors and sounds of nature.

Outdoor restaurant patios are an attraction, not only to locals, but to possible tourists, so if there is a conveniently placed eating establishment that’s located along a great view of nature, many people will plan to go there. The four locations below offer some interesting areas for a unique outdoor patio.


Many people enjoy going to the beach, either to play in the lake or ocean water or relax on the hot sands. It’s a great place to spend a day, and better for restaurants that are open nearby. Before beachcombers leave, they can have somewhere to eat great food without leaving the view of the ocean. Many patrons will pay a premium to eat at a restaurant with an ocean view.  Customers want to be comfortable, so consider patio heaters if it may get cold, and umbrellas for shade if it gets too hot or sunny. Also, make sure you buy outdoor restaurant furniture that’s appropriate for a wet location.


A restaurant along a country road can be very interesting. Using the environment to your advantage can make for a great outdoor eating experience. Forests can be calm and pleasing to watch in your outdoor eating area.  A river will add its own energy and sound to your restaurant patio as well. Consider building a wood deck for customers to eat at, while they listen to nature go on around them. Shop for restaurant tables to go with a mighty patio or deck and of course, consider any railing or barrier that may be necessary riverside.


With a range of mountains in the great distance, restaurant patrons will enjoy a vast view of mountains, hills, and valleys. A restaurant along a cliff can make for a wonderful experience for patrons, as well as tourists that can have a chance to stop and look at a wide environment. Be sure that the only place you can see a certain valley or town in a bird’s eye view, is at your very own restaurant.


A city view can also be very interesting to look at. A restaurant patio that faces a downtown skyline makes for cool visuals during the day or evening. Other things that can make interesting backdrops include bridges and other city landmarks. An additional consideration for a restaurant patio in the city is you may be in a more densely populated area, offering a larger customer base.

These are just a few ideas on creative locations for your restaurant patio.  Consider location as a great selling point while advertising your restaurant.  Unique attractive areas are only limited by your imagination. Your restaurant could offer sun, nature, or something most restaurants don’t feature to attract guests every day and set your patio apart from the competition.