4 Questions About Your Customers | Restaurant Tables and Chairs

wood restaurant tablesThe dream of opening a restaurant is getting closer to becoming a reality. How much will your customer’s spend for a meal? How many customers will be seated in the dining area? What types of customers will be seated at your tables and chairs? Will your guests enjoy casual dining or experience fine dining? The answers to these questions are valuable in helping you choose the right tables, bases, barstools and chairs for your restaurant.

1. How much will your customers spend?

Why does it matter how much your customers will spend on food and drinks at your restaurant? Because the amount of money you can expect to receive for the typical meal you provide for your customers can determine the types of tables you need and can afford. There are many types of tables to choose from at many different price points. Reversible laminate table tops can be very economical choices. Padded table tops are also an economical choice and can be dressed up with the addition of inexpensive napkins and/or tablecloths. T-mold laminates tops, self edge laminate tops and wood edge tops are also economical, come in many color choices and are durable and easy to maintain. If your customers will be spending more per meal, you can probably afford to spend a little more on other restaurant table options, such as granite, butcher block and solid oak. Granite tables always look great, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Butcher block tables and solid oak tables are custom made, and can be stained to match your décor. They can be ordered in custom sizes and thicknesses, and the stained wood adds a sense of warmth to any setting.

2. How many customers can be comfortably seated in your dining area?

Why is it important to know how many customers will be seated in the dining area? Seating can impact the satisfaction of your guests. Guests do not like being too crowded, and if they are comfortably seated, they are more likely to return. The wait staff needs enough room to properly serve your guests. Do you need tables that will seat two people or four people? The most popular size table for two people is a 24” x 30”. For four people, a 36” x 36” top is the most popular size. Seating in a bar area is slightly different. While a 24” x 30” table top is still the popular size for two people, a 36” round table is preferred in bars or pubs for seating four. A 30” x 48” table top is the preferred table top size for a booth.

3. What types of customers will be seated at your tables?

The type of customers that will be seated at your tables can impact the style and/or size of table base you need to support the restaurant table top. Of course, a base must support the weight of the table top, but it also must support what is placed on the table top. A restaurant that features multiple courses, and uses large stoneware dinner plates, multiple pieces of real glassware, and the full array of utensils will need a sturdier base than one using plastic food baskets and plastic utensils.

The correct base must be used with the correct size table top to prevent tipping over. A wobbly table is very irritating to a guest trying to enjoy a meal. The standard is 30” tall for a dining height base, and 42” tall for a bar height base. There are many styles of bases at different price points. The style of base can impact customer’s comfort if not properly matched to the table top style and size. If a base is too large, it can be in the way of customer’s legs. If the base is too small, it can cause the tables too wobble which is always irritating to customers. It could even cause the table to fall over, which would be very dangerous.

4. What customers will be sitting in your chairs?

Once again, knowing your clientele is very important. Chairs and barstools in a sport’s bar will receive much rougher treatment than those in a fine dining establishment. It is important to know the weight limit for the chairs and barstools you plan to use. The typical weight limit is usually 250-300 pounds. Some metal restaurant chairs and barstools are more durable than wooden ones and are perfect for use in casual restaurants. They can withstand more abuse than wood. Metal chairs and barstools are also easier to clean and maintain than wood ones. Alternatively, wood chairs and barstools add a touch of warmth and class to a dining area and are available in many different comfortable seat and back styles.

As you can see, knowing your potential customers and the type of restaurant is invaluable when you begin researching commercial furniture.