5 Reasons why Restaurant Butcher Block Tables are a Great Choice

restaurant tablesChoosing a table top for a restaurant can be a confusing choice with all the materials available to make a table top.  There are metal, laminates, resins, granite, and different varieties of wood, including veneer or solid wood.  Even a table top manufactured from all wood can be made several different ways.  One type is a plank wood table, where regular lumber is glued edge to edge, which looks like part of a wood floor.  If you take the same lumber, turn it on its edge and glue the face of the lumber together, that is what is called butcher block.  The top of the table will look like strips of wood that are all the same width.  Read on for the 5 reasons butcher block is a great choice for a restaurant table top.

1. Butcher Block Creates Ambiance

One of the best reasons for dining out is for the ambiance of the restaurant.  Butcher block tables are suitable for many styles of restaurants and create a warm ambience.  Customers may not understand every detail that creates a thoroughly enjoyable experience while they are dining out, but the feeling of the restaurant, and the aesthetics and warmth of a restaurant with butcher block table tops certainly enhances the customers’ experience.  There is something about wood that attracts, maybe because it is in part of our genes to be close to nature.

2. Butcher Block is a Green Product

As with all other products, green and sustainable options in restaurant furniture are very important.  Re-using and recycling wherever possible are a necessary mind-set to preserve the earth for future generation.  Wood is a great green choice as it renews itself constantly.  The American Hardwood Association reports that more hardwoods grow than are harvested each year. Since 1953, the volume of hardwoods in American forests has increased 119%. Supply is increasing, and it is sustainable.  Butcher block restaurant tables can be used again and again by refinishing the surface of the table top when the finish looks worn.  The table top underneath the finish will be just fine.

3. Butcher Block is Available in Custom Sizes and Shape

Butcher block tables can be shaped to virtually any size and thickness depending on the width and length of a hardwood tree. Edges, corners, and diagonal cuts can be used to make the table top look like any shape the mind can imagine.  Regarding the butcher block table top finish, today’s finishes are technologically superior to what they were as recently as 1990.  The use of quality commercial polyurethane can keep a finish looking good even until the whole restaurant needs remodeling.

4. Butcher Block is Manufactured from Many Species of Wood

There are many choices of wood species to choose from that will naturally add the right look to the restaurant.  For example, red oak has pink, white and tan boards that show through when a natural finish is applied.  Red oak can be stained a light or dark color as needed.  Walnut trees have a white area just underneath the bark, and in the center there is naturally dark wood that is beautiful without stain.  Maple and beech are smooth and white, while ash is whiter and less grainy than oak, but very similar.

5. Butcher Block Can Assist with Repeat Customers

Every restaurant owner wants to increase sales and encourage repeat customers.  The overall feel of a restaurant is an important factor which contributes to sales and repeat customers. Butcher block tables are an important part of the overall feel of a restaurant.  Customers may never say they are returning just because of the restaurant tables, but when you mix in quality, appropriately priced food and quality surroundings, including butcher block tables, now that’s a reason why restaurant butcher block tables are a great choice.

Visit a restaurant that uses butcher block tables and see why many restaurant owners choose them for all of their outstanding qualities.