5 Steps to Great Looking Restaurant Patio Furniture

commercial patio furnitureGreat looking restaurant patio furniture is attractive and important to customers.  Patio furniture also needs to be functional and moveable, which is also attractive for the customer. When planning a new or existing restaurant patio, consider the steps below to achieve your goal of increasing sales by having great looking patio furniture.

1. Form follows function

This is a well used architectural expression, which in this case, means that first the furniture needs to do what customers are expecting, followed by the furniture being attractive.  For example, a chair on a patio should slide easily along the floor when the customer scoots in to the table.  Most commercial chairs feature chair glides, which are attached to the feet of the chairs to prevent them from or scratching or snagging on the floor.  Some locations have rough tile flooring, and that can be very tough on chair glides.  If glides are not maintained properly, they will wear out and cause the chair to wobble.  In addition, if the glides are missing because they have worn down, this will expose the metal edges of the chair legs.  If patio chairs have a plastic weave seat and metal legs, the legs may damage the weave seats if stacked improperly. Pre-planning failure of the glides should be noted and developing a maintenance routine will keep the chairs functional.  When looking at various furniture styles, consider the functionality of the product, including the necessary maintenance first.

 2. Materials that make sense

Using appropriate materials for restaurant patio furniture is critical for customer comfort.  Dark granite tables for example, especially in a hot, sunny climate may not be the best choice, even though they look wonderful on your computer or in a showroom.  Dark granite placed in the sun can get hot enough to burn skin, and can give off a blinding glare that could be annoying to customers.  As for table bases, they need to be sized correctly for their table tops.  Choose from your preference of steel, aluminum or designer base, but make sure to pick the right material for the application.

3. Pay attention to the weather

Considering the weather sounds like a simplistic idea, but it does take thought to make sure the patio furniture has the right specifications.  Iron bases can rust, and lightweight aluminum furniture could be blown down the street by the wind.  Not all commercial furniture vendors may consider your location, so you need to discuss your specific weather and climate with them to get the right advice for your specific needs.  Aluminum bases are great for preventing rust, but are usually very light weight and will be affected easily by the wind.  In rainy and/or windy areas, heavier steel bases can be powder coated ahead of time or sprayed with a rust prevention.

4. Pay attention to security

Battling the weather is one thing, but there are other threats to your patio furniture, such as people stealing it.  If your patio is not in a secure area, plan for security with measures such as gates, fences, locking rope chairs, or alarms that make noise and send information to a monitoring device.  Consider all the possible effective security measures, so you can find the option that works for you, while keeping down the labor cost to implement your security.

 5. Be different than your competition

Finally, to really beat your competition, attracting customer and have a great looking patio, shop around until you find your own unique furniture style.  There are many new, fun options such as a concrete, backless chair that is painted orange, or a resin table top that comes in different colors and vibrant patterns to fill the patio with color.  Finding unique furniture to set your restaurant patio apart from your competition takes time, but will be well worth the expense once the furniture is in place.

Finding a style of restaurant patio furniture at a price you are willing to pay is a good start, but for great looking patio furniture, consider function before form.  You will not only save dollars, but avoid headaches.  Taking the time to select the right restaurant furniture from the start will prevent problems down the road, and ensure you have great looking patio furniture.