5 Things to Look For In Quality Restaurant Pub Tables

pub tablesIf you expect your customers to keep coming back, you need to offer them something more than just good food or drinks. Something that will compel them to memorize your name the next time they plan for a dinner or party. From perfect hospitality to making the right statement with your décor, everything adds to make you your customers’ favorite! Having those elegant and stylish pub tables and chairs that are available in wide assortment of designs can create that perfect ambiance, and give a reason to enjoy and come back to your establishment to your customers.

Restaurant pub tables are designed higher than the regular tables to easily accommodate counter and bar stools. Generally available in all basic shapes including round, oval, square or rectangle, the pub table is designed 36- to 42-inches tall and can be a great addition to your food service business. Before you make a purchase, you must look for the following things in a quality pub table:

1. Choose Your Table Top for Ultimate Style

A visually pleasing and trendy pub, bar or restaurant table top can transform customers’ experience at your establishment. Even the smallest and the simplest things can leave a lasting impression on your guests such as a quality pub table. The pub tables come in a variety of table top styles and each one features a unique charm of its own. When it comes to style, the type of table top material you choose may totally depend on your personal taste or the theme you want to create. Available in a range of designs and size options, the commercial-grade pub tables are available in wood, metal, stainless steel, laminate and resin table tops. While a wood table top is more likely to offer a traditional style feel to your space, a laminate top is less expensive, but has a similar look to wood. On the other hand, granite topped tables add a sense of contemporary or modern flair to your establishment. The extremely well-constructed resin table tops come in a range of attractive finish options, mainly meant for outdoor use.

2. Choose Your Table Top for Maximum Durability

The durability of the pub table top depends on the table top construction material and from the company where you buy it. The decision to consider the type of table top may vary greatly whether it is indoor or outdoor placement of the pub table. The table top should be appropriate to its’ location in the restaurant to  assure that it will meet the demands expected of commercial pub and restaurant table tops.  Wood is generally just for indoor use, while resin is best used outdoors and granite can be used in both indoors and out.

3. Pair Your Pub Table with the Right Base

Pub tables pair with a a wide assortment of restaurant table bases, including round base, cross base, t-shaped bases and cantilevers, along with post legs. You may decide which table base goes with your table top as per the recommended size for the weight and table top size and your personal style preference. Among the above mentioned base types, the round and cross base (also popular as “X” base) are the most commonly used in pubs and restaurants. The round table bases are often a popular choice for round table tops. A round table installed on a round table base offers more stability than a round table attached to a square or cross table base because a round base may have 5 contact points to the floor as opposed to 4 for the cross base. They also allow for easy cleaning. Cross table bases are comparatively trickier to vacuum and sweep around. On the other hand, if you have a tight space and aisle or floor space is your main concern, cross base tables take an upper hand, for they allow the chairs to be pushed further under the table than with round base pub tables. For this, the cross bases become the favorite for rectangular or square table bases. The round base tables are heavier and offer increased stability as well. However, the size and weight of the table tops also play a significant role while making the final pub table base choice.

4. Do Not Ignore the Column Thickness or Spider Size

The column of a pub table connects the metal top plate (also popularly known as “spider”) to the base plate. The column thickness of a pub table is something a restaurant or pub owner just cannot afford to ignore when buying the restaurant furniture for it directly relates to the stability of the table top. More the thickness of the column, more firmly it holds the table top.  For example, the thickness of the column wall can typically range from 16 to 22 gauge steel which may not seem like much, but a thinner 22 gauge steel may cause the top to sway too much if pressure is applied to the top.  Generally, the larger the top plate the more stability as well to keep down the movement of the table.  Both the spider and column work as a unit to make the table top more stable.

5, Ensure No Wobbling

A wobbly table can certainly frustrate your customers and compel them to visit you less often or not visit you again at all. Such an issue should be routinely checked under a regular maintenance plan. However, the issue of wobbling tables can be controlled by using levelers under the table base.  Levelers will fall out and get lost and napkins are typically used to solve missing levelers which is a poor way to level a table. Maintaining levelers provide superior steadiness, and thus offer a comfortable dining experience for your customers.  Levelers should be checked at every shift change.