5 Ways to Compare Restaurant Tables and Chairs

restaurant tablesAre you aspiring to become a successful restaurateur? Have you looked into all of the details and aspects of running a successful restaurant before opening? Do you think you’ve completed the planning stage? If you haven’t given a lot of consideration to restaurant tables and chairs, it is still not too late to stop and think about it.

Restaurant tables and chairs play a primary role in the success of a restaurant. The restaurant menu and the type and quality of the food offered are going to be the primary selling points to the customers. However, potential customers are only going to come and buy the food, if they find the atmosphere and the seating environment to be friendly and comfortable. Customers will check out not only cleanliness of the restaurant, the restaurant’s aroma, the friendliness of the staff and quality of service, but also the kind of restaurant tables and chairs that they are going to be seated at.   So while deciding on the menu, the kitchen layout, and the decorative theme of the restaurant, make a dedicated effort in comparing the tables and chairs you are going to purchase for your restaurant.

Purchasing the tables and chairs for a new restaurant is a challenging task, primarily because there are a great variety of choices serving different purposes.  There are also many choices of vendor from not only in the local market but also and especially online. Read on for a 5 comparison standards to use when selecting restaurant tables and chairs.

1. Price

One of the basic ways to compare different items is by analysing the price differences between them. Comparing the price is one of the primary ways of selecting a particular set of table and chair from amongst the rest. Because you will be buying in quantity, ensure the quality and style of the restaurant furniture is reflective of its price.  Beware of buying commercial furniture based solely on price, though, as the cheapest furniture may not be the most cost effective in the long run.

2. Decorative Appeal

Judging different restaurant tables and chairs by their decorative appeal and your personal style is another way of selecting for your own restaurant from the many options available. You must have a particular theme in mind, and matching this theme to the style of restaurant furniture you purchase will create an attractive restaurant space.  Be sure to consider the floor plan when selecting the style and quantity of your restaurant tables and chairs to ensure they will fit the space.  Choose restaurant chair, barstool and table styles that are adaptable to many themes creatively.

3. Comfort

Among the many things you need to consider when purchasing restaurant furniture, comfort is one of the top priorities.  Customers who enjoy your restaurant may be seated for a long time waiting for their food, while eating, and perhaps lingering after their meal for dessert and/or drinks. Make sure that the restaurant tables and chairsare comfortable for the customers, while still considering the budget for your specific restaurant.

4. Height

Customers may not consider the height of the tables and chairs at all.  But you as a restaurant owner should give it a great deal of thought as it matters quite a bit. There are a lot of specifications that go in to creating the correct comfortable seating situation for dining.  These are just of a few of the very basic considerations.  There needs to be adequate distance between the tables and the chairs for easy customer mobility.  Chair height needs to be considered in relation to the size of the dining area.  A tall chair may look dramatic when used by itself, but placing too many in a space can look intimidating or drastically shrink the look of the size of the dining area.  Paying attention to the table matters as well, because varying much from the standard height of 30” can make customers very uncomfortable.  Even varying this height by 1” to a table height of 29” or 31” can be very awkward for some customers.

5. Safety

When buying the restaurant tables and chairs you have to make sure that they are also safe, while being comfortable and adequately sized for weight requirements.  Not all chairs have the same strength even though they may look the same.  There are large people expecting your chairs to hold up, so double check how your chairs are manufactured.  Tables need to be strong as well and just because they are meant for just plates and silverware, people will sit or stand on them for whatever reason, so make sure the base is more than adequate and the top itself can take some abuse not only from liquids, but from non-approved uses.

These are just a few of the ways to compare restaurant tables and chairs; but using these five factors when considering your restaurant furniture purchase should give you a great start.