5 Ways to Match Your Restaurant Table Tops to Customers

granite restaurant tablesAs a new or prospective restaurant owner, table tops might be the last thing you’re thinking about — but the right table tops can be crucial to the success of your restaurant. You’ve probably put a lot of thought into choosing your restaurant chairs, restaurant bar stools, and outdoor seating and fixtures (if you have an outdoor dining area). But, the table tops at your restaurants are highly visible and will serve as the stage for the food and drinks you serve at your new establishment.

1. What’s the Right Commercial Table Top for Your Budget?

Make sure to set your priorities (and budget) so that you can get the best table tops you can afford for the style of restaurant you’re opening. If you’re on a really tight budget, quality laminate table tops are a great option. They’re not only amazingly affordable; they also come in a huge variety of styles to suit just about any type of dining room. Butcher block table tops are also a great investment because they’re extremely cost-effective, long-lasting and easy to clean; plus, they’re aesthetically versatile and never go out of style.

2. What Material Will be Most Durable?

Just as with restaurant bar stools and restaurant chairs, table tops need to be strong and durable. Commercial chairs are constructed to take plenty of customer use, and top-quality table tops should be made with the same criteria. For great durability, consider versatile wood table tops, which are made for long life use and easy maintenance. Likewise, laminate table tops can also hold up to years of wear.

3. Which Material Will Look Best in My Restaurant?

Many of today’s restaurants are using popular materials such as granite, exotic or treated wood, natural or painted metals, glass, and easy-clean laminates. For a fine dining restaurant, you’ll want to choose higher-end, natural materials such as granite or wood — just make sure that they’re treated for easy maintenance. Likewise, if you’re offering patio dining with outdoor restaurant chairs and bar stools, be sure to choose weather-resistant table tops designed for outdoor use. These can include metals and aluminums, as well as all-purpose laminates.

 4. What Color Do I Want My Table Tops to Be?

Did you ever notice how colorful tables and chairs can liven up a restaurant? The same is true for table tops. Studies have shown that colors have a significant effect on appetite and mood. Experts say that warm earth tones are more appropriate for fine dining restaurants, while bright colors are better for casual and fast food eateries. When choosing colors for your restaurant table tops remember that darker blues, and purples, if used alone, are considered to be appetite depressants. When mixed with neutral shades such as black, however, these colors can work beautifully. Likewise, red and yellow are considered to be appetite stimulants.

5. What Design Aesthetic Am I Leaning Towards?

Today’s restaurants are trending toward simpler, less-cluttered designs. While patterned, heavily-textured table tops look great in a casual or theme-style restaurant, they could be distracting in an elegant dining room. For a formal dining setting, granite table tops will add interest to the eye without distracting from the decorative scheme. For a casual restaurant, consider choosing a padded commercial table, which provides a trendy, informal look and also helps to block out noise.

Before shopping for table tops, think about what you want when it comes to design aesthetics, materials and colors, and then make sure to factor in practical considerations such as ease of maintenance, durability and your own personal budget. In the end, the right table tops can make your restaurant more beautiful — and can also make your customers feel more comfortable, so that they’re likely to return again and again.