A Brief History of Restaurant Booths

restaurant seatingRestaurant booths are comfortable, practical and offer unlimited choices in design. They are also timeless and can make us nostalgic for certain times in America’s history. This article takes a look at a few booths from the 1950’s.

Restaurant Booths in Cinema

Many booths have been featured as a centerpiece of the backdrop design of movies and hit television shows in the country’s history. The critically acclaimed movie Diner featured an all star cast gathered cozily around a 1950s style vinyl booth and Formica table within the setting of a converted rail car diner in New Jersey. Happy Days, one of the most loved and watched TV shows about life in the 1950s, also featured a vinyl restaurant booth and Formica table where the shows actors gathered each week to entertain us.

Restaurant Booths in Museums

Booths have also been preserved as historic memorabilia in some museums. President Ronald Reagan proposed to his wife Nancy in 1952 at a booth in a restaurant named Chasen’s in Beverly Hills. This booth was purchased from the restaurant when it closed and is now exhibited at the Ronald Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, California. The Route 66 museum in Oklahoma features a 1950s style red and white booth, featuring a deep “V” on the back known as the Varsity booth and very popular in the 1950’s.

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