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Restaurant Table Top: Save Big With A Granite Table

Granite Restaurant TableSearching for restaurant tables can be a daunting process. There are  plenty of options to choose from when buying a table. Among these is granite which is becoming very popular for modern restaurant table designs. Granite is a stone mined in volcanic areas. It is formed naturally due to volcanic activity, which makes it tough for any individual to duplicate. Restaurant owners use it because of its natural properties.

Granite offer your customers an opportunity to sit and enjoy their meals on a natural surface filled with beautiful natural colors. There are a lot of reasons why any restaurant owner should go for granite for their tables.

It is one of the hardest natural elements on earth. The hardness of granite makes it widely preferred by many, and it is durable. It can resist very high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. You can, therefore, use granite for both indoor and outdoor restaurants without worrying. Due to its dense nature, granite can resist scratches, heat, breakage and corrosion from any type of food acids and most of the chemicals.

Tables of this kind come with stunning and unique designs meaning that it’s difficult to replicate true granite tables. Granite portrays unique patterns and designs when the sun shines on it making each piece unique and breathtaking. It has the most amazing colors and comes in different varieties from all over the world. Granite restaurant tables possess unique features and qualities.

Granite tables have a smooth surface, which is easy to clean and maintain. You only need to use a soft cloth. Its surface is non-porous. Therefore, it does not harbor any bacteria, germs or other dirt. It makes these kinds of tables to be hygienic and safe for your clients to enjoy their meals on. Granite does not absorb water. If properly sealed, it is not subject to wear and tear making it almost damage proof.

Whether you wish to portray a rustic look when using your restaurant table, or to achieve a more modern look, granite tables will accomplish that goal.  You can choose the type of table that best matches your personal desires. Also, if you are purchasing granite tables for an existing restaurant dining room, you can choose a granite style that accurately matches the color theme.

Granite tables are the best for restaurant use. As you can see, Granite offers a wide variety of benefits for any restaurant table. When you add all of these advantages together, you get a very high-quality luxurious restaurant table. One that you will use to satisfy all of your desires for a lot more years to come. Now all you need to do is search for a reputable supplier who has a long history of selling granite tables and other restaurant furniture.

Buying commercial furniture can be fun!

Restaurant furnitureOnce you’ve decided to purchase or build a new restaurant, you may be surprised at the amount of choices you’ll need to make.  The initial monetary and personal time investment can be daunting.  If you plan correctly, you can make this process less daunting and more manageable- even have some fun!  This article will discuss the task of purchasing commercial restaurant furniture.  This is one phase of building and designing a restaurant where with the right assistance and knowledge, you can have some fun in the process.

One of the basics in purchasing restaurant furniture is to make sure the restaurant chairs, barstools and tables you purchase are commercial grade.  Many restaurant owners have initially purchased residential, or non-commercial, grade furniture for their restaurants thinking this will save them money or perhaps they may not even know there is a difference between residential and commercial furniture for restaurants.  First of all, residential barstools and chairs are not necessarily less expensive than commercial furniture.  Depending on the size of your restaurant, you will probably be able to purchase commercial furniture at a more reasonable price, because most experienced commercial furniture dealers sell in wholesale furniture bulk quantities, which when priced in bulk with shipping, can cost less than residential furniture.  Commercial restaurant furniture is also a better choice from a liability standpoint.  Barstools, chairs and tables built for residential use may not stand up to the constant use demanded in restaurants, where you many different customers may use the same furniture daily. Commercial furniture is built to specifications that make it much more durable and longer lasting.   If you are using residential furniture in your restaurant and it breaks, causing injury to a customer, your restaurant could be liable for damages.  Commercial restaurant furniture purchased from a reputable dealer comes with a warranty.  Also, many times residential furniture will not hold up in a commercial setting, causing you to replace your restaurant furniture much sooner than if you had purchased commercial furniture initially.

The second basic thing about purchasing commercial restaurant furniture is to ensure that it is comfortable.  When purchasing restaurant furniture, there are certain layout and design elements to consider.  If you are purchasing restaurant booths, are the booth seats and backs comfortably padded?  Are the booth’s spacious enough?  When ordering booths, there is a minimum space requirement to ensure comfortable spacing for customers between the booth seat and table.  When purchasing restaurant barstools, booths, or chairs, consider whether the back and seat design are nicely contoured, sturdy and supportive.  When considering barstool, chair, and table configurations, is the space between the table top and the chair seat sufficient?  There is a minimum height clearance between the restaurant table top and the seat of the chair which is comfortable for most customers.  When ordering restaurant bases with your table tops, consider if the base is the correct size, shape and fit for the table top.  The clearance for customers legs beneath the table and around the legs of the base must be correct so that customers are comfortable and not constantly kicking the table base.  An experienced commercial furniture representative can assist you with all of these design and layout elements, and maximize the use of your space, all while ensuring the comfort of your customers. Involving your commercial furniture representative in the design phase can be invaluable.

Now comes the fun part of purchasing commercial furniture.  This is the one area in the planning and construction of your restaurant where you can really let your personal taste, design preferences, and personality shine.  The options in colors, patterns, styles, materials and sizes in commercial restaurant furniture are limitless.  Do you like lush fabrics with wild splashes of color and modern lines?  You can order exactly that look for your restaurant.  Do you prefer the classic and timeless look of warm wood butcher block table tops and timeless wood chairs?   Well, you can certainly purchase that look and even customize the stain for each to be exactly the colors you have in mind.  Maybe you are a fan of the nostalgic 1950’s diner look of vinyl booths, laminate tables and backless barstools.  You can order that look in an infinite array of colors.  These are just a few of the possibilities in commercial restaurant furniture design, and relying on your own individual style and the assistance of an experienced commercial furniture representative, you’ll be able to design exactly the look you want for your restaurant.

Make your Customers Comfortable

restaurant dinersNot so long ago, it seemed common for trendy or popular restaurants to expect their customers to wait hours to eat and be subjected to less than stellar service.  It appeared that the mark of a successful restaurant was that it could treat its customers poorly.  It is rare to see this attitude from restaurants anymore.  Apparently, the tolerance of restaurant patrons has changed.  Many customers now feel if they spend their hard earned dollars at a restaurant, they expect great service and great food at a reasonable price. Customers also want to be comfortable.  Many of these customers may not dine out as frequently as they used to and therefore want to enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace, instead of just hurriedly eating and leaving.  This article addresses some things to consider when purchasing restaurant furniture and restaurant design to make customers comfortable and keep them coming back.

Basic Restaurant Design

The first thing to look at in creating a comfortable restaurant is the general layout.  Most customers can remember a time they’ve been uncomfortable just seated at a restaurant table.  Sometimes this is because a restaurant has filled the space with too many tables.  Certainly it’s a good idea for restaurants to maximize space, but if customers don’t return because they weren’t comfortable the first time they visited, overcrowding can do more harm than good.  If tables are so close together that they impact the way servers move through the area, it can cause problems with food service.  In extreme cases, it could even cause a server to drop beverages or hot plates, which could cause an injury to a customer.  At the least, when customers feel they don’t have enough room between their chair and the table, or when they find it hard to just get into and out of their chair, they will hardly feel good about the restaurant no matter how fine the food or service is.

Restaurant Tables

In addition to ensuring that there is ample room between the restaurant tables, there are other ways that restaurant tables need to be comfortable.  Many restaurants feature both dining height tables and bar height tables.  These tables are matched to different heights of table bases, which are called dining height or bar height bases.  Restaurant bar stools and chairs come in different heights, but generally the range for dining height is 29 inches to 31 inches from the floor; and for bar height is 40 to 43 inches.  It is important to order the right base height whether you are purchasing the tables and bases together or separately.  Why is this so important?  When restaurants match chairs and tables, there is a specific distance between the seating surface and dining surface that is ergonomically comfortable to the majority of the adult population. The ratio is approximately 12 inches between the seating surface of the chair or barstool and the eating surface of the restaurant table.

Restaurant tables also need to be sturdy.  Probably every customer who has eaten at a restaurant has a tale of a wobbly table.  What contributes most to the stability of the table tops?  Generally, it is the size and quality of the table base.  The thickness of the base column and the overall weight of the base determine how stable the table top will be.  Most quality table bases also feature glides that need to be adjusted most every time the table is moved. Without frequent maintenance, these glides tend to get lost or are not adjusted. Self adjusting glides are levelers that adjust the table to the floor. Most floors are not flat, so this is an automatic leveling device to keep the tables from wobbling.

Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant chairs are arguably the most important factor in whether customers will be comfortable while dining at a restaurant.  While commercial chairs are manufactured for their durability first so that they can stand up to the needs of many different types of customers and frequent use, they need not be uncomfortable.  Many wood chairs are constructed at the factory with sculpted wood seats which makes for a more comfortable seating position.  Comfortable back slat design can also enhance the chair’s comfort.  Extra thick side rails are standard on many of these wood chairs, so people can comfortably rest their feet on the rails.  Many wood chairs and metal chairs come with thickly padded upholstered or vinyl covered seats.  Consider these options and more to make your customers as comfortable as possible.

Budget Friendly Restaurant Tables and Chairs

restaurant table topsIn the current economy, the trend seems to be towards spending less and scaling back. It appears some restaurants are following this pattern. Let’s look at a few recent restaurant trends as examples. One recent restaurant trend is building a restaurant around one ingredient, such as gourmet hot dogs or even just French fries. Another trend has restaurants focusing on small plates, as a way for customers to experience more of the restaurant’s options at less cost.

Some restaurants, like their customers, also need to be budget conscious in starting and maintaining their restaurant business. An experienced restaurant table and chair supplier will be able to provide you with expert advice on purchasing durable, commercial furniture that highlights your color and design theme, while providing you with the best options within your budget. Below are a couple of budget friendly examples in restaurant chair and table options.

Restaurant Tables
Laminate table tops are an excellent, affordable restaurant table option. Laminate restaurant tables come in a wide variety of styles, such as t-mold, wood edge, and self-edge. Laminate table tops are almost infinitely customizable, due to the extensive array of colors and design options available from laminate suppliers, Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite and Nevamar. Missouri Table & Chair laminate tables come in a large variety of sizes, from 24 inch by 24 inch square to 60 inch round.

Restaurant Chairs
Missouri Table & Chair also has some excellent, budget friendly restaurant chair options, both in wood and metal in a wide variety of styles. Just a couple choices, for example, are the model classic A1412 wood frame chair or the stylish A188 series of metal restaurant chairs. Call an experienced representative at Missouri Table & Chair today to discuss your restaurant furniture budget and commercial furniture needs.

How to Buy Metal Restaurant Furniture

red metal barstoolRestaurant furniture is manufactured from many different types of materials and in numerous styles.  The variety of options makes it easy for new or existing restaurant owners to find something that fits their personal style theme and décor.  Two of the most popular choices for material in the manufacture of restaurant furniture are metal and wood.  This article covers some basic information regarding buying metal restaurant furniture, including chairs, tables, barstools and bases.

Why Buy Metal?

One of the greatest advantages in purchasing metal restaurant furniture is the wide variety of options available in metal.  Metal restaurant chairs are available in a vast array of different colored vinyl seats, an almost infinite amount of choices in back options, and many different stain colors of wood seats.  Metal restaurant barstools, like their metal restaurant chair counterparts, offer many choices of back, seat and color options.  There are also quite a few backless barstool options.

Metal is Budget friendly

Metal restaurant furniture is available in many budget friendly options.  There are many great budget friendly choices in all furniture categories, including tables, bases, bar stools and chairs.  For indoor use, the metal barstool, model A188S, starts at $66 and the matching metal chair starts at $41. For outdoor use, the Bahamas metal chair starts at $47, and the Bahamas barstool starts at $73.  Of course, these are only a few examples, and metal restaurant chairs and barstools are available in almost every price point.  Metal outdoor bases like the Snowdrop 3 start at $57, and metal indoor bases such as the T0522 are very reasonably priced starting at $22.

Metal is Durable

Even though metal restaurant furniture is very economical, it is also extremely durable.  The metals used in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor metal restaurant furniture are high quality, and since they are made for commercial use, are very durable.  Metal restaurant furniture is manufactured from many different types of metals.  Just a few materials metal restaurant furniture are manufactured from include stainless steel, chrome, anodized aluminum or cast aluminum.

When welded joints are used on metal restaurant chairs or barstools, this can increase their durability.  Welded joints where parts come together hold together much better than joints that are bolted together.  Metal chairs with a bolt and nut to secure the joints, even when using a lock washer, are harder to maintain, and are normally found in metal chairs for home use.  A final note on durability of metal chairs is that often times, the finish on metal chairs will last much longer than on wood chairs.

Metal is Great for Indoor or Outdoor Use

A lot of metal restaurant tables, chairs and barstools are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use.  Stainless steel restaurant tables are perfect for use either in indoor or outdoor spaces.  A new trend in some restaurants is sliding restaurant garage style or sliding glass doors that open, or creating indoor/outdoor spaces that may be partially covered.  Metal restaurant furniture is ideal for these applications since it can stand up to outdoor elements and still maintain its durability.  Many of the metal outdoor furniture options at Missouri Table and Chair are available with matching tables, bases, chairs, and barstools making it easy to design a perfect patio.

Metal Can Be Lightweight

A lot of metal restaurant furniture, especially metal furniture which is designed for outdoor use is lightweight.  Even though it is lightweight it is still extremely durable.  Why would a restaurant want lightweight furniture?  Lightweight restaurant tables, bases, chairs and barstools are easier to move.  This makes metal furniture ideal for outdoor applications where the tables may be moved more often for storage, etc. or for any restaurant application where customers may want to move tables together to form bigger or smaller seating groups.  This is more efficient for restaurants because groups of smaller tables can easily and quickly be put together to form a large table, instead of purchasing large tables.

Whatever your needs are in metal restaurant barstools, chairs, bases, or tables, the experienced customer service representatives at Missouri Table and Chair will have the knowledge to assist you.  Missouri Table and Chair has been selling commercial restaurant furniture since 1978, and the staff is very friendly and always happy to answer any questions and offer personalized advice on any customers’ commercial furniture needs.