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Discover Great Restaurant Chairs at Missouri Table & Chair

Nowadays restaurant chairs are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials for you to choose from. What you need to do is try to find the option that best suits your personal preferences and the style of your business. Whether you want wooden or metal restaurant chairs, simply designed or more ornate, the choice almost always depends partially on your budget.

Before deciding on your restaurant chairs, you need to take the type of restaurant you have into consideration. For instance, a diner has an entirely different appearance than that of a five-star restaurant. Accordingly, there are also certain types of chairs that are more appropriate for a diner such as a bistro metal chair, and richly stained and upholstered wood chairs are classic for a five star restaurant. You need to choose the chairs accordingly.

Lima Metal Frame Chair - Wood Seat

Secondly, know the average price point of your popular menus. This will help you determine the kind of décor that the customers might expect. Depending on that you can choose your restaurant’s chairs and tables. It follows that customers who are spending more on their food will not want to sit on cheap looking restaurant chairs.

Alden Metal Frame Chair

Thirdly, keep in mind the type of customers you are targeting to make happy. By doing so, you will know their likes and dislikes and hence decide the kind of décor you want. For instance, if you are targeting young and urban professionals, they may prefer a sleek and contemporary décor. If you are targeting families with small children, durable laminate tables and easy to clean metal restaurant chairs will suit your restaurant well. More casual restaurants will also benefit from good quality wood chairs or metal chairs that have nicely padded seats. Restaurant chairs play a vital role in enhancing your décor and meeting up with the expectations of your customers considering the price point that you have set for your restaurant.

Sultan Wood Frame Chair - Side Chair

We at Missouri Table & Chair offer sturdy and sleek metal restaurant chairs that provide a stylish appeal to your restaurant dining spaces. We understand how important it is to add a personalized touch to the furniture in your restaurant and hence offer numerous customizable options in our metal framed chairs. Our several designs include metal chairs with ladder back, wooden back, x-back and more. We feature metal restaurant chairs that have wood or metal seats with or without padded vinyl cushioning. We have a variety of choices from traditional ones to the contemporary ones. The decision is ultimately yours. So by keeping the considerations as mentioned above in mind, you can choose the desired restaurant chairs from us. We can also help you in coordinating the colors, fabrics, and designs that will best complement your unique dining space.

If you want to buy best quality metal restaurant chairs from us at Missouri Table & Chair, then give us a call at (800) 225-4935 or email us at [email protected]

4 Factors for Buying the Right Number of Restaurant Table Tops

restaurant table topsIn many restaurant design and layouts, tables are centerpieces that should be selected with utmost care. Whether you are an aspiring restaurateur or an established restaurant design company, every new project brings a few complications that can impede or delay your restaurant’s opening. Irrespective of the scale and size of your business, your customers always need comfortable tables to enjoy their food. Hence, you need to select the best restaurant table tops that suit the layout. Here’s how:

Compatibility with the Floor Space:

In order to buy the right number of table tops, you must determine the number of people that can be accommodated comfortably in the total square footage of your restaurant. Here, you need to measure the available spaces and calculate square footage that’s available for seating purposes. The spatial planning of the space should depend on anticipated traffic flow.

Before purchasing table tops and accompanying restaurant seating, you need to determine the proper size of restaurant tables for this space. The sizing of restaurant table tops should be based on factors like size of plates, theme of restaurant, dining style, and types of events hosted at your place.  There are many restaurant layout seating charts available by searching the internet that can help visually in the design of your floor space.

Impact of Theme on the Sizing of Table Tops:

This is an important consideration for the selection of table tops in a restaurant. The layout and theme largely define the number and size of tables that you need. For example, a fine dining restaurant needs larger table tops to accommodate additional dinnerware. Similarly, fast dining restaurants can opt for smaller table tops for serving small groups.

Adjustable Sizing in Table Tops:

In the recent years, many restaurants have realized the need to invest in adjustable tables that can adapt to changing business requirements. They need table tops that can be expanded to accommodate more guests during rush hours.  Smaller square tables that can be pushed together for large groups are an excellent adjustable choice.  Also, there are flip top tables where four edges can be flipped up to create a larger table surface. Here, you also need to consider the spacing to be left between tables to allow convenient movement.

Number of ADA-Compliant Table Tops in Your Restaurant:

Before completing the layout of your restaurant, you should determine the number of Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA compliant table tops that you need. In this regard, you can check the specifications of local building inspector for federal and state requirements. Your facility should be easily accessible for a person with a physical disability.  Check with your local codes or an experienced restaurant furniture vendor familiar with ADA compliant restaurant table tops to determine the correct table base design and height that is required. Also, check with your local authority to determine the minimum number of ADA compliant tables you must have in your restaurant.

Depending on these points, you can measure up the floor space in your restaurant and consider the options available in table tops to fit this space.  Buying the right restaurant furniture can be an investment, and daunting if it’s your first purchase.  Don’t be afraid to call on an expert restaurant furniture vendor to ask questions.  A reputable vendor will want to help you with advice so you make the right purchase.

5 Top Tips for Choosing Quality Restaurant Table Tops

Granite Restaurant Table TopsChoosing a high quality restaurant table top is an important task because the overall décor of your restaurant will create the mood and ambience of your space. The style of table top can impact whether your restaurant feels like a high end steakhouse, a mom and pop pizzeria or chic bistro.  Your main goal is to determine the type of customer you want to attract, and cater your food, staff, décor and restaurant furniture towards that goal.  If you aren’t sure of your perfect style, visit some local restaurants and find out what appeals the most to you and what you feel you can achieve.Here we will provide a few tips on how to choose restaurant table tops for your place so that you have customers flocking back to your place without carving a big hole in your pocket.

  1. Table top materials

There are a number of materials available for constructing a high qualityrestaurant table top like granite, butcher block, resin and stainless steel, just to name a few. While all these materials have their own pros and cons, you have to decide which material will go with your restaurant setting. Butcher block tabletops bring a piece of nature inside your restaurant and create an inviting warm wood tone.  Laminate and resin table tops offer a rainbow of colors and patterns to choose from, are affordable and easy to clean and maintain. Metal table tops give a contemporary and modern touch to your décor and are lightweight making them ideal for outdoor use as well.  These are just a few of the many table materials that can be found for perfect restaurant table.

  1. Quality and Durability

Other factors that you should consider while choosing restaurant table tops are quality and durability of the construction material and resulting table top.  Durability is one of the most important aspects of a good restaurant table, and impacts the quality of the table. Buying a table made for home use doesn’t include commercial quality and durability and will not be rugged enough to withstand the heavy use of a restaurant setting.  Unless you are going to keep up with the latest trends and replace your restaurant furniture every few years, you should invest in a durable table with a classic style that will last you the longest for a You should never invest in a material that is not durable or lacks quality. Choose something that will not go out of style for many years, is durable and of excellent quality.

  1. Shape of Restaurant Tables

Shape of a table top helps in determining the proportions of dining area. The amount of space that is available after setting the tables will help in giving a clean and organized view of your place. Some of the commonly used shapes include square, rectangular and round.  The shape of the table also heavily impacts how much space there is to move through and among the tables and seating.  This has a great impact on the overall comfort for customers in your dining area.

  1. Accurately Matched Table Tops and Base

You cannot have a perfect table without matching the table tops with their bases. The table base provides firmness and stability to the table and should never be ignored. The beauty of a restaurant table top will be enhanced by a complimentary table base that will not allow the table to wobble or fall over.   Different sizes of tables work best with round or x-style bases, and some larger tables require multiple bases to properly support the table.  Work with an experienced table vendor to ensure you purchase bases that will work with the tables you choose.

  1. Aesthetics

It is equally important to choose a table top that matches with the general theme of your restaurant. A lot of care and precision goes into matching the table tops with the general setting of the restaurant. If you want to create an environment that will not be ignored by your customers, the aesthetics of the place cannot be ignored. It is extremely crucial to give a positive experience to your customers so that they return to your place.

We hope that these tips will help you in choosing the perfect table top for your restaurant that will draw the customers to itself like moth to flame. Although the table tops do not get a lot of attention, it important to choose them wisely. They are like adding the perfect spices to accompany your menu items, they silently enhance the value of a place.

Top Tips for Choosing Commercial Restaurant Tables and Chairs

outdoor restaurant furnitureWhen planning the interior design and layout of a restaurant, you should choose versatile furniture to meet the diverse requirements of your customers. From selection of designs to choosing among the vast array of materials and sizes, every element should be well matched to the design, function and layout of the space. Selecting restaurant tables and chairs for a business is much different from buying residential furniture.  The best results come from selecting commercial-grade furniture from the start to withstand the heavy usage and demands of a busy restaurant.

The Benefits of Using Commercial-Grade Furniture:

Different manufacturing processes are used for commercial and residential-grade furniture. Commercial quality tables and chairs are built for their sturdiness, and with versatility to suit every space. They can resist hard wear and retain their professional appearance with the help of their superior construction. Most importantly, commercial grade furniture minimizes the maintenance requirements for restaurant settings.  Many commercial furniture products  are wear resistant, non-corrosive, and strong due to their high-end materials and UV-resistant surfaces.

How to Choose Commercial Grade Furniture?

Depending on the intended applications and customer preferences, you should choose the right type of commercial tables and chairs for a restaurant. Typically, these items are designed to offer premium quality and stability for heavy-duty installations. They comply with specific guidelines and international standards in terms of strength and durability.  Before purchasing your selected products, review and the below-mentioned steps:

  • Assess the Restaurant Requirements:

Initially, you should assess the available spaces, volume of traffic, and demographics of customers frequenting your space. Depending on these factors, you can choose the suitable designs in restaurant tables and chairs. Here, you should also consider the existing layout of your restaurant to make a right selection.

  • Find the Right Material:

It is important to choose the right material to ensure durability and reduce the amount of maintenance required. The best options available in commercial-grade furniture include wood for classy layouts, metal for durability, and plastic for versatility.  These are just a few of the many options available.  Each type of materialused for producing restaurant quality furniture has specific requirements to serve a certain type of clientele.

  • Find a Stunning Style:

Whether you are looking to renovate your space, or creating a brand new restaurant and layout, consider researching the latest trends. Classic wood is a continuous trend, and modern minimalist design is an exciting option right now. Whatever style you choose, it should match the theme of your restaurant.

  • Find the Perfect Sizing:

When investing in commercial grade furniture for your restaurant, you should prefer the right sizing as per the availability of spaces. This selection should make the settings comfortable for the customers. At the same time, there must be sufficient floor space for your staff to move around freely and serve the customers efficiently.

With these important factors in mind, you can choose the best type of commercial-grade furniture. Most importantly, place your trust in a reliable commercial furniture vendor who caters to hospitality customers and restaurants to ensure immaculate customer experiences.

3 Tips on Creating Great Dining with Restaurant Tables and Chairs

customers dining at restaurant

If you aim to be a frontrunner in the restaurant business, it pays to be thoughtful about creating a pleasant ambiance in your restaurant design.  The right food, layout and furniture contribute to creating a wonderful dining experience, which certainly helps ensure your customers’ loyalty.

From planning the brilliant seating layout of your restaurant to ensuring captivating interiors, a lot of time is usually invested in planning a successful restaurant venture. This time investment is worth it as modern diners go to restaurants to spend quality time with friends or loved ones, as well as to try your delicious food. Consider the following crucial factors to stand out amid the competition:

1. Well-Planned Convenient Restaurant Seating Area:

Planning a restaurant layout in a careful manner is extremely crucial to your bottom line in the restaurant or hospitality dining business. Seating area layout defines the comfort and privacy experienced by the customers, and that is where the significance of quality restaurant tables and chairs comes in. Just some of the ways contemporary diners perceive if a layout is well designed are style and size of tables and chairs, whether seating is comfortable over a long period, how flexible the space is, and the overall attractiveness of the space.  The material and style of your furniture is one element that can make or break the ambiance of your restaurant. For instance, economical plastic chairs are perfect for fast food, but a customer spending their money at a steakhouse would find plastic chairs out of place.

2. Aesthetically-Crafted Outdoor Areas:

Does your restaurant have an outdoor area that is under-utilized and under-estimated? Why not optimize the potential of the same by sprucing it with fabulous furniture featuring striking design? If there are some old-patterned restaurant tables and chairs that are not able to do the justice with your outdoor restaurant area, then the time has come to do away with them. Replace the existing furniture with some innovative designs in tables and chairs. There are huge varieties of premium quality chair designs in metal, plastic, and aluminum that are all lightweight and specifically designed for outdoor use.  The variety of bright colors and options in plastic and aluminum chairs is staggering.  Granite, aluminum and resin tables all are durable and gorgeous in an outdoor setting.  You can even find outdoor budget-friendly options in couches, sofas, and end tables to create an outdoor living room. Your furniture design options for a restaurant patio are limitless.

3. Devising Smarter Ways to Revamp Problem Areas:

Overfilling your restaurant with more tables and chairs in a desire to make room for more customers may be well intended, but is likely to have the opposition effect.  Have you ever been to a restaurant where the bar area has so many barstools, there’s no space to slide between them to sit down?  Great restaurant design includes knowing how much space a customer needs to be comfortable.  If you crowd your customers into too small a booth or put four people at a table intended for two customers to eat comfortably, they will feel uncomfortable even if your food is great, and may not return.  Consider what might be problem areas in your specific space.  Problem areas include tables too near a washroom area, noisy kitchen, or a too warm or cold entryway. Emphasis should be laid on placing space-efficient, comfortable furniture, in the right size space.  For example, a tight corner area with a 2 person table top with candles could be perfect in creating a cozy ambience for a romantic couple.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a casual cafeteria or a fine-dining restaurant. Rather, your genuine intention to serve the customers in the finest possible manner matters the most. This is why investing in quality, comfortable, durable restaurant tables and chairs matters to your bottom line.  A good restaurant furniture vendor can help you with any design and layout assistance you might need.