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Why Laminate Tables are Perfect for Restaurants

laminate restaurant table setAn increasing number of restaurants and corporate office cafeterias are opting to buy laminate tables for use in their businesses’ dining space. Why are laminate tables a classic choice for commercial establishments?  In this blog, we will delve into the reasons behind the popularity of laminate table options. Read on to discover the many perks of buying laminate table tops for your own restaurant or hospitality space.

Laminate Tables are Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the top reasons why people opt to buy laminate table tops is their ease of maintenance. A simple wipe down can rid the tables of grime, which is why laminates are favored in commercial establishments. They are also preferred in office cafeterias many different people use the space, and there may be limited staff who can’t afford to spend a lot of time on cleaning restaurant furniture after the lunch or dinner rush.

Laminate Tables are Durable

Most restaurants, kitchens and even cafeterias wish to ensure that they won’t need to be replacing their tables and seating very often.  Business owners want to make their restaurant furniture last for as long as possible.  Laminate tables are a very durable restaurant table choice, which is why they have been a popular choice for restaurants for so long.  The resilient composite and finish surface ensure that they are easy to clean, making sure they stay looking great with minimal work.  The finish makes it extremely difficult for water or soap lather to seep into the surface which could cause lasting damage. Just a simple thorough wipe down will keep laminate looking nice.

There’s a Laminate Table for Every Dining Space

Laminate tables are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and Sizes.  The availability of intriguing shades, hues and textures ensures that you can select the exact laminate which makes your dining space looks stunning. There are a variety of laminate design options, including self-edge, wood-edge and T-mold.  All of these options make great commercial dining tables.  The variety of sizes you can get is also amazing, and means you can use laminate in the specific amount and sizes to perfectly match your layout.  Laminate is also easy to match to other tables, granite for example, to give your dining space a visual highlight.  Laminate tables are also easy to match to a variety of styles of commercial seating, such as barstools, chairs and even booths.

Laminate Tables are Budget Friendly

Far from being expensive, laminate table tops are one of the most economical options you will find.  Because they are so durable for the price, the value is unmatched, and why laminate is such a popular classic restaurant table choice.  As mentioned above, a business owner can select a few granite tables which can become the focal point of a restaurant, and then match a granite finish design on laminate tables to complete the restaurant layout.  This can be a more affordable option than purchasing all granite tables.  The same would work well with butcher block table tops matched with a wood looking laminate.  Or a business owner could go with a large community table which seats 10 people or more in the center of the dining room, with many contrasting laminate tables around it.

Laminate table tops offer a lot of positives when used in commercial dining spaces.  Consider all the advantages, and ask yourself whether a laminate table top in your business is the right answer.  Many other business owners before you have chosen laminate.

Outdoor restaurant furniture for Al Fresco Dining

blue outdoor table setWhen people go on vacation to a location where the weather is beautiful, people tend to stay outdoors as much as they can.  They especially like dining outdoors at a restaurant if possible.  That makes an outdoor seating area and it’s outdoor restaurant furniture very popular.  New business owners will benefit from doing a bit of research before picking outdoor furniture options.

Many of today’s restaurants have two sections open to their customers. One is the conventional indoor dining area with dining tables and chairs and the usual cutleries. The second one is the outdoor dining section which is generally open as much as possible except for the harshest weather. Customers like to enjoy their cup of tea or that morsel of delicious food in a relaxed outdoor dining space with comfortable furniture and enjoy the beautiful view and the weather.

In restaurant business, everything is about satisfaction of the customer and in this the furniture play a significant role. The owner of the restaurant will benefit from carefully considering the types of outdoor restaurant furniture he needs to make his usual customers, as well as newcomers, comfortable and happy.

First, he should consider the season and the weather in his specific locale. If the weather is bright and sunny almost all the time, or if it is rainy quite often, this should be kept in mind when buying the furniture. Also, if the area where the restaurant is located is near a beach or ocean, then the corrosive wind and humid weather should also be considered.

Secondly, if a restaurant owner is newly setting up or considering renovation for his outdoor furniture setting, he may be worried about the cost and quality of the furniture he is about to buy. However, the good news is that there is a vast range of furniture available within the affordable and expensive price sections for the patio and outdoor furniture area of an eatery. For example, outdoor patio tables, chairs and barstools suitable for outside area are available within every budget range.

Another factor to consider to help you select outdoor furniture is the set up or the theme according to which you want the restaurant represented. Is it more of a cafeteria than a dine and bar restaurant, or is it a sea side food outlet serving special delicacies in a relaxed setting? You may consider following the same theme as your indoor conventional section or you may define the outdoor area of the restaurant in a different manner.  The outdoor restaurant furniture come in an immense variety of colors and as many unique raw materials. You can choose from wrought iron, plastic, metal, granite etc. Colors make it easy for the owner follow a seamless trail of the indoor setting to the outdoor patio area of the restaurant.

Another key factor is how much area and which space you want to be defined as an outdoor patio section of a restaurant. Does the restaurant have a lot of space in front of the entrance? Does it have a huge deck behind it? Or is a spacious rooftop above the restaurant that provides a magnificent view? For restaurants who use up the front area, it may need the consent of a local entity for an outdoor restaurant set up. A small dining area on the sidewalk may utilize just a few small tables.  For the roof top dining section, you may want to consider smaller tables and chair options that are lightweight so they can be easily transported up the roof.

Just selecting and setting up an outdoor restaurant area does not complete it. All the furniture should be cleaned and maintained daily. Tidiness is the most important aspect of a successful restaurant business. So, buy furniture options which are attractive and easy to maintain.

3 Top Reasons Restaurant Booth Seating is So Popular

restaurant boothMost restaurants have a variety of seating options in their restaurant, including booths, chairs and barstools.  They also may feature a variety of heights of tables and seating options.  This all contributes to give your customers their perfect choice in comfort while dining at your establishment.  This blog is meant to discuss restaurant booths and why some customers prefer booths over tables. This piece of information can be helpful for existing and aspiring restaurant owners. Read on for information on how booths are useful in restaurants.

What is a restaurant booth? In restaurant terms, a booth is a type of bench seating, which can be built to a variety of lengths and configurations to seat a certain number of people. Booths are typically made of wood and vinyl or upholstery on plushly padded seats, making them extremely comfortable sofa type seating.  Some customers find them more comfortable than chairs.

Usually, most restaurants are a combination of tables and booths because it is inadvisable to have only booths.  Table and chair sets can more easily be moved to accommodate different seating group sizes.  Not every dining space has the room for multiple booths.  Also, not every customer is looking for the privacy a booth provides. However, it is extremely beneficial for any restaurant to add some booth seating if possible.

When customers ask for booths in a restaurant, in the back of their minds, there are several factors at play impacting this decision. The first reason is obviously the privacy that restaurant booths provide. Booths are usually more enclosed, and provide a level of privacy that a huge number of customers look for. Booths can lessen sound in a restaurant making it easier to have a conversation. Some customers like the intimacy of being able to sit closer to their companions, if they have smaller children or are perhaps on a date.  Also, certain customers feel more secure as they can place their purse or belongings on the seat next to them, keeping them safeguarded in a booth.

The next best thing about booths is the level of comfort they offer. Since most booths are equipped with sofa style cozy seating, customers enjoy the comfort of the soft padded seats and backs. Customers who are more comfortable and relaxed may be more apt to order an after dinner drink or dessert.  Of course, customers who’ve had a comfortable dining experience are more likely to return.

Customers also prefer booths over tables because the amount of rush may feel lesser near the booth areas as compared to tables. In many booth setups, the servers can only access one side of the booth. As a result, a customer who is looking for privacy may feel slightly more comfortable due if they perceive they are out of the traffic of other customers and waiters traversing the dining area.  Some working professionals might also prefer booths if they need to work while they are dining.  Diners who are working will not want to be disturbed, and will appreciate the extra space for their papers and smart phone and the privacy a booth provides.

In general, booths can make a customer feel more at home by giving them a sense of a private space. Especially for the customers who are on a date or other such intimate occasions, booths are a boon to the restaurant. The main thing that all the restaurateurs need to keep in mind during design is that restaurants provide not only food, but an experience.  Consider whether booths are the right choice for your individual restaurant.

What’s in a Restaurant Table?

granite restaurant tablesThe food and menu are very important to any restaurant, but there are many other important details customers gauge the quality of the restaurant by. In some cases, the ambience of the restaurant matters as much as the quality of the food itself. A simple comparison would show that restaurants with good food and a great ambience tend to be some of the most popular. A new variety of restaurants are starting to appear in the restaurant market that really emphasize ambience as their foremost selling point. These are called theme restaurants, are often based around a single theme.  Everything about the décor of the place starting from the walls, the ceilings, the tables, chairs, cutlery used, to the appearance of the waiters and the type of food served is in accordance with the theme.

What is ambience which seems to be so important to people? Ambience refers to the character and atmosphere of the place.  It takes into account how neat the place is, how comfortable it is to eat, how loud it is, whether the décor contributes to the mood, etc. Imagine a scenario where a customer is having the best dish that he or she has ever tasted but the restaurant is unclean.  Imagine customers who’ve brought their large family to your beautiful restaurant, but the waiters are nonchalant and the place is no noisy they can’t visit with each other. This would undoubtedly create a negative experience for the customer, and will be attributed to bad ambience.

A very unique aspect to the ambience of any place, especially restaurants, is the kind of tables used there. Restaurant tables need to be comfortable, convenient and of good quality for customers.  The tables and furniture in general many not seem that important to ambience, but it is absolutely vital as customers will judge the space, subconsciously or otherwise, based on the overall look and quality of the furniture and decor.

It is also necessary to get quality restaurant tables so they will be reliable and durable. Something as simple as a chair leg failing or table breaking when customers are dining can be a huge nightmare for any restaurant owner or manager. These kinds of situations can drastically affect the reputation of the place. As we live in the world of the internet, customers can post on social media or give a negative review online, which can negatively impact the customer base of the most reputable restaurants.

Some of the main attributes of good restaurant tables are:

  • Should offer durability and reliability
  • Should be appealing to look at
  • Should be comfortable to use in terms of aspects like the height of the table, how sturdy it is etc.
  • Should last for a long time

The aspect of durability is very important as commercial restaurants often face some tough situations. So the tables need to be designed to suit the specific restaurants perfectly based on requirement. Restaurant owners are often on the lookout for good, quality tables on the cheap as they may think quality tables have to be expensive.  There are many durable, quality table top options for every budget.  A reputable commercial table vendor can assist you with the best quality table options to match your theme and decor. Owners should be very careful to pick the best in quality tables and other furniture for their restaurant!

4 Interesting Locations for An Outdoor Restaurant Patio

Restaurant Patio DiningAn outdoor dining space with the right restaurant patio furniture can bring in lots of extra customers, and increase your sales and ROI.  But does the region where you live give you an opportunity to make your restaurant patio more interesting than other restaurants?  There are numerous places you can create a patio that will be visually interesting, and this blog covers four locations sure to add immense interest and ambiance to your own special outdoor restaurant dining space.

Creating your own restaurant and outdoor eating area can be a stressful and expensive undertaking. Finding the right spot, and purchasing or leasing the real estate for your restaurant can take a lot of time, resources, and money. There are several reasons many restaurant owners undertake this venture though.  One of the many reasons could be the enjoyment of working everyday in a scenic location and experiencing the colors and sounds of nature.

Outdoor restaurant patios are an attraction, not only to locals, but to possible tourists, so if there is a conveniently placed eating establishment that’s located along a great view of nature, many people will plan to go there. The four locations below offer some interesting areas for a unique outdoor patio.


Many people enjoy going to the beach, either to play in the lake or ocean water or relax on the hot sands. It’s a great place to spend a day, and better for restaurants that are open nearby. Before beachcombers leave, they can have somewhere to eat great food without leaving the view of the ocean. Many patrons will pay a premium to eat at a restaurant with an ocean view.  Customers want to be comfortable, so consider patio heaters if it may get cold, and umbrellas for shade if it gets too hot or sunny. Also, make sure you buy outdoor restaurant furniture that’s appropriate for a wet location.


A restaurant along a country road can be very interesting. Using the environment to your advantage can make for a great outdoor eating experience. Forests can be calm and pleasing to watch in your outdoor eating area.  A river will add its own energy and sound to your restaurant patio as well. Consider building a wood deck for customers to eat at, while they listen to nature go on around them. Shop for restaurant tables to go with a mighty patio or deck and of course, consider any railing or barrier that may be necessary riverside.


With a range of mountains in the great distance, restaurant patrons will enjoy a vast view of mountains, hills, and valleys. A restaurant along a cliff can make for a wonderful experience for patrons, as well as tourists that can have a chance to stop and look at a wide environment. Be sure that the only place you can see a certain valley or town in a bird’s eye view, is at your very own restaurant.


A city view can also be very interesting to look at. A restaurant patio that faces a downtown skyline makes for cool visuals during the day or evening. Other things that can make interesting backdrops include bridges and other city landmarks. An additional consideration for a restaurant patio in the city is you may be in a more densely populated area, offering a larger customer base.

These are just a few ideas on creative locations for your restaurant patio.  Consider location as a great selling point while advertising your restaurant.  Unique attractive areas are only limited by your imagination. Your restaurant could offer sun, nature, or something most restaurants don’t feature to attract guests every day and set your patio apart from the competition.