Be Flexible With Your Restaurant Seating Layout

restaurant seatingWhen considering a purchase of commercial restaurant furniture, be flexible with the seating design and layout.  The purchase of commercial restaurant chairs and barstools is an important decision, and can have a huge impact on the comfort and success of a restaurant.  This article discusses the importance of flexible restaurant seating design.

The first reason it is important to be flexible in your restaurant barstool and chair design is to ensure a smooth traffic flow for the staff and customers.  It’s a good idea to ensure there is enough room for everyone to move freely without bumping into each other.  Another reason restaurant seating options need to be flexible is that many restaurants, especially those with happy hour type crowds, will not need the same seating layout throughout the day.  Many times customers will come to relax during happy hour, after they have worked hard all day, and they won’t necessarily care about sitting down.  They may prefer to stand and mingle with their friends.  In this situation, having too many chairs or barstools may get in the way of your mingling customers.

So how do you accomplish implementing a flexible restaurant seating design?  First, consider purchasing stackable restaurant chairs and barstools, which can be easily removed and stored when not in use.  Second, consider restaurant booth or bench style seating which can seat multiple people and open up more space for standing customers.  Third, contact an experienced commercial furniture sales representative — they will be the best resource for advice on all restaurant furniture options.