Benefits of Plastic Seating in Restaurant Patio Furniture

restaurant patio chairsThe options available when choosing restaurant patio furniture have never been so appealing. Patio furniture requires special consideration because it is generally out in the open, exposed to the elements. Restaurant patio furniture must be durable and easy to clean but, at the same time, have a pleasing and inviting design.

Plastic or resin outdoor restaurant furniture is a great choice for businesses because it meets all of the criteria: It is extremely durable, easy to keep clean and comes in many styles and colors.

What is Resin outdoor furniture?

Well, in a word, it is simply plastic that can have different properties.   The different chemicals used to produce plastic furniture can make all the difference in UV protection and durability.  Essentially, inexpensive plastics use recycled plastic or other compounds in the furniture to reduce cost.  Better quality commercial grade plastic furniture comes from non-recycled materials and does not contain too much calcium carbonate.   You may not be able to tell the manufacturer uses too much of the chemical calcium carbonate, but there should be a label saying it is made from recycled plastic.  While on the surface recycled is a positive sounding word, it is not good for making a durable plastic chair.

The Benefits of Plastic furniture

There are many benefits for architects, restaurant designers and owners to using plastic furniture, especially in outdoor patio settings.  From durability to being lightweight, stackable, cost effective with many colors and a variety of design styles.

Non-Fading:  Added compounds to plastic can make it UV resistant, even if set in the direct sun, colors and patterns on plastic patio furniture will take a long time to see any reaction due to the sun.

Durable: Due to its structural makeup, resin or plastic is durable and sturdy, and will not break easily, especially if produced with quality resin.

Recyclable: Plastic can be recycled, but if recycled plastic used in furniture it is not as durable as in breaking or UV resistance.  If you can pay a little more for higher quality components you will be dollars ahead in the long run as it will last much longer.  When you see  two chairs for example that both look identical and one costs much more than the other, it is very tempting to purchase the lower price chair.  Look further and see how they are made and avoid recycled plastic furniture.

Impact Resistant:  Resin in plastic is very strong to resist customers and cleaning people alike that treat furniture badly.  It is difficult but not impossible to break or chip quality plastic outdoor furniture.

Weather Resistant: Weather does not break down quality plastic because of added UV compounds qualities.  Even the sun will have a difficult time of breaking down plastic.

Easy to Clean: There are no fancy cleaners required, such as those for wood or metal. Simply wipe the furniture down with a damp cloth. Some items are molded in one piece, eliminating corners and seams where dirt and debris can collect.  A chemically neutral product like Murphy’s Oil Soap is a good cleaner, but depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations there may be other cleaner that can be used.  You can see your supplier of restaurant chemicals who should have mild cleaners for your patio furniture.

Design:  There are many different designs of plastic furniture that can your indoor furniture theme to your patio in color and style options for tables, bases, chairs and barstools.  Usually good plastic restaurant patio chairs and barstools are stackable which is important for winter storage and in season cleaning.

Plastic outdoor furniture is a wonderful choice for your customers and your profitability.