Chair Maintenance

Being responsible for a restaurant or hospitality business can be an overwhelming job. There are many aspects to manage throughout the day to ensure a successful outcome. The most important aspect of this business industry is managing the bottom line to get a profit. Big ticket items, such as commercial tables and chairs, should be kept to a minimum to achieve profitability goals. One way to justify the need for such large purchases is to ensure they are properly cared for so they are used for many years. While many owners take the time and money to invest in buying high-quality chairs for their business, it is just as vital to spend time and money on routine chair maintenance.

Chair Maintenance

One of the most crucial parts of proper chair maintenance to extend the life of furniture is to make sure they are protected from the elements. Whether wood based or metal based, overexposure to sun, wind, and rain can wreak havoc on your commercial furniture over time. Choosing products with natural or added UV can provide beneficial weather protection.

Another important aspect of good chair maintenance is ensuring proper cleaning occurs on a routine schedule. Depending on the type of material, chairs should be cleaned weekly to ensure a long life. To know how to properly clean your chairs, first you must know the cleaning basics designed for that particular material. For example, you would never apply water directly to wood chairs whereas metal chairs you can spray with water, but make sure to properly dry it to avoid rust. Always research the best way to clean your specific material before cleaning.

Regardless of what type of material is used, it is recommended to routinely check the screws and bolts underneath the chair. They may become loose over time and could lead to not only damage to the chair, but also an accident for your guest if the chair should fall apart with them sitting in it.

If you follow the basics of chair maintenance, such as protecting, cleaning, and hardware fastening, your chairs will have a long, happy life!