Choices for Restaurant Patio Furniture

outdoor granite restaurant tablesWhen considering a purchase from a wholesale outdoor furniture supplier, take into account the many design options available. Commercial patio furniture is manufactured from a wide variety of materials, such as granite, resin, aluminum and laminate, and each has its own unique benefits.

A couple items to consider when deciding the right choice for you is the climate in your part of the country and the particular look you are trying to achieve. Another big consideration is whether the tables and chairs will be moved frequently, either by your staff or customers reconfiguring table and chair sets. This article focuses on some excellent, lightweight restaurant patio furniture options that are easily movable.


Aluminum outdoor tables and chairs are lightweight and easily movable, but also very durable and attractive. Most aluminum restaurant patio furniture features a modern, contemporary design. Many wholesale outdoor furniture options feature aluminum patio sets consisting of matching tables, chairs and barstools making it easy for you to complete an attractive patio furniture design.


Resin is also an excellent option for your restaurant patio furniture design. Resin tables feature many color options to wholly complement your patio décor. Resin tables match a wide variety of styles of outdoor barstools and chairs making them infinitely customizable to your particular style. A knowledgeable commercial patio furniture representative will be happy to assist you with all of the available design options and address your particular outdoor patio furniture needs.