Choosing Lounge Seating

Every hospitality business owner knows the importance of the seating area. It is a chance to make an impeccable first impression to the guest and can reveal a lot about an establishment in such a small space. From dilapidated chairs and chipped end tables to pristine vases and luxury, a seating area can hint at the reputation of the business and what type of service to expect. When choosing lounge seating for the purpose of making a positive impact in the minds of your guests, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choosing Lounge Seating

When choosing lounge seating, it is imperative to find chairs that match your overall décor in both restaurant tables and chairsstyle and color. For example, it is off-putting to the eyes when the carpet and table style of décor is aiming for an art deco liveliness, but the chairs are a rustic wood frame with hide hair covering meant for a cabin in the woods. Always try to create a unified style with every piece accentuating the others. Aside from styles or designs, you should aim to make sure the colors blend well together. For example, varying shades of light blue throughout the color scheme in the carpet and walls, when combined with a brown lounger, would look out of place compared to maybe a dark blue lounger.

Another important factor for choosing lounge seating is the type of material the chairs will feature. In the high-traffic hospitality industry, it is best to look for durability that can withstand heavy use. A popular choice for lounge seating is leather. When compared to typical fabric, it is much more stain resilient. It is water-proof, and spills can be easily cleaned up.

It doesn’t retain scent the way other fabrics do so it will always smell fresh as long as you clean it regularly. Leather is also easier to clean than fabric. While leather can be torn just any other material, it tends to have more longevity due to the thickness it offers. Aside from being durable, leather is a classy option that can add a sense of refinement to any seating area.

When choosing lounge seating, always know your overall décor theme and what would work best for your space. With a little thinking ahead, you can create a beautiful space for guests!