Choosing Outdoor Table Sizes

Finding the right commercial furniture can be a time-staking endeavor for any restaurant. When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor commercial furniture, it can be even more complicated. Outdoor furniture needs to be stylish and strong. Once you have found the right combination of these two essential factors for your outdoor oasis, the next step in the equation is to find the perfect size table for your needs. When choosing outdoor table sizes, it is important to know exactly what you need to keep everyone involved happy and comfortable.

Outdoor Table Sizes

When choosing outdoor table sizes, there are a few numbers to keep in mind. You need to know outdoor restaurant furniturethe allowed seating capacity set forth by local codes and ADA guidelines, as well as the result from an accurate measurement of your available outdoor space. Another factor to bear in mind is what type of restaurant you are running, whether quick service hamburger stop or full-service family diner, because knowing how much tabletop space guests will need can help you in making a successful choice for table sizes. A good suggestion is to lay out a typical meal and make measurements from end to end so guests will have enough room to enjoy their meal without feeling cramped. Once you have taken all of these factors into consideration, you can start the actual shopping phase!

Another factor when choosing outdoor table sizes is to make sure you will have enough space for your service team and customers to move around freely. Your staff needs to be able to easily navigate their way through tables without bumping into the furniture or worse guests. When it comes to outdoor dining spaces, it is better to keep fewer seats available and create an open, relaxing layout than to cram more tables in a limited space and make guests feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor table size for your business, it is really a matter of careful planning and knowing exactly what you need for the space you have available. With a few simple measurements and guidelines, you’re sure to find the right tables to transform your dining area into a relaxing, enjoyable oasis!