Classic Black Looks Great in Restaurant Furniture

restaurant table basesJust about every woman has a simple black dress in her closet.  Many men have at least one pair of black slacks or a black sports coat.  Endless styles of cars are available in classic black.  The color black is featured as an option in just about every item you can think of.  Probably the only other color under the sun as popular as black would be white.  Why is black so popular?  Most likely because the color black is timeless and attractive.

What does this have to do with restaurant furniture?  Well, just as in all other areas of design and color, black is also a classic restaurant furniture color.  While the color black is timeless, it also looks great in sleek, modern furniture design.  The color black fits with just about any style or design theme, and also complements or accents almost every other color.  Also, using a very dark or black color tends to hide dirt or food stains, translating into less time cleaning for restaurant staff.  This article highlights many of the options in commercial furniture available in the color black.

Black Restaurant Tables

Almost every style of is available in some shade of black.  Two of the most popular restaurant table options at Missouri Table and Chair are the granite table and the butcher block table.  The granite table is available in black galaxy, which is a gorgeous glossy black highlighted with golden specks.  The black galaxy granite table looks great anywhere, can be used outdoors or indoors, and is available in many round and square sizes, making it the perfect choice for just about any setting.  The black is a custom table constructed from warm wood and then stained with a gorgeous black finish.  The butcher block table also works well in almost any setting and is one of the most classic looks in restaurant furniture.  Butcher block restaurant tables are also available in many round and square sizes to fit any size space.

Another wood restaurant table that is available in black is the solid oak table.  Much like the black butcher block table, it is a round solid oak table with a pedestal foot base, that is constructed from warm wood and stained with a brilliant black finish.  The solid oak table is also a classic restaurant table and the look is timeless.

Some other choices in black restaurant tables are laminate and marmoleum.  Laminate restaurant tables come in hundreds of colors with many shades and variations in black to choose from.  Laminate tables are extremely durable, resist chemical and alcohol spills and are available in a wide range of sizes.  Marmoleum tables are also available in black options.  Marmoleum tables are an all natural green product made of linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, mineral fillers and non-toxic pigments; they are bacteria resistant and eco-friendly, and are easy to maintain.

Just as many restaurant tables are available in black, so too are the restaurant bases.  Most restaurant table bases, whether they are standard bases, or the gorgeous designer bases, are available in a black finish.  The restaurant bases come in a wide variety of styles from round to x-bases or t-bases, and in a wide range of sizes.

Black Restaurant Chairs

Just like the restaurant table selection, a majority of restaurant chairs also are available in black.  Most metal restaurant chairs are available with either a black frame, or a black seating surface of vinyl, upholstery or wood, and some chairs are available with both a black frame and black seat and back.  Many wood restaurant chairs are available in a black finish option, some are available with black vinyl seats, and the majority of upholstered restaurant chairs are available with black seats.

Other restaurant chair categories available in black include stackable chairs, folding chairs, assisted living chairs, and lounge seating.  The color black is probably the most used color in lounge seating, as the classic warm look of black leather is highly sought after in restaurant lounges.  Restaurant booths and outdoor chairs are also available in attractive black color options.

Black Restaurant Barstools

As with restaurant chairs, most restaurant barstools are available in black.  Matched to and complementing the metal restaurant chair collection, the metal restaurant barstools are available with black frames, black seating surfaces, or both.  Many wood barstools are available in a black finish option, some with black vinyl seats, and many with upholstered black seats.