Commercial Furniture Options

restaurant tables and chairsMissouri Table & Chair sells commercial chairs, tables, and barstools for many types of businesses.  Many of our blog articles focus on restaurant chairs and tables, so in this article we will be highlighting some commercial and hospitality style businesses, and sharing with you some commercial furniture options which are perfectly suited to the needs of each business type.

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls are large rooms, or in some instances, whole buildings or event spaces, specifically designed to hold receptions, banquets, or parties for large groups.  Banquet halls are ideal for weddings, conferences, and rehearsal dinners. They can also usually be reserved for a specific date.

Missouri Table & Chair’s blow mold folding tables are perfect for banquet halls.  They can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes, even very large tables which can seat as many as ten people.  Blow mold folding tables are heavy duty and can withstand a lot of weight, while still being easy to collapse and store.  These features of the blow mold folding tables make it easy to set up a banquet hall in any configuration.

Missouri Table & Chair carries many styles of commercial chairs ideal for banquet halls.  Stackable chairs (which – as the name implies), can be easily stacked for storage, and are perfect chair options for banquet halls.  Stackable chairs are available with matching transport dollies which are great for moving and storage.  More great commercial chair options are folding chairs – which are very affordable and easy to store, and conference seating chairs – which are available in many gorgeous fabrics and colors to match any banquet hall.  Conference seating chairs are comfortable, and therefore, are ideal for seminars and conferences where attendees will be seated for long periods of time.

Lounges and Clubs

Lounge type businesses can include cocktail lounges and private clubs.  These types of businesses can be stand alone lounges and clubs, or they may be located within other hospitality businesses, such as hotels or upscale airport lounges, serving as private clubs for customers of each specific airline.  Furniture used in cocktail lounges and private clubs is normally plush and comfortable, generally covered in extravagant upholstery or fabrics, or luxurious leather.

Assisted Living and Senior Centers

Seniors centers are places where older people can get together to socialize.  They may have classes for seniors on a wide variety of topics, including crafts, arts and dance classes, just to name a few.  Many have their own dining rooms and regularly schedule luncheons or dinners.  The assisted living style chairs Missouri Table & Chair carries are a perfect fit for any senior center.  Assisted living chairs have been designed and constructed to provide more support have and wider arms, perfect for seniors and people with disabilities, making it easier to get in and out of the chair, yet still providing support for the consumer while they are seated.  Assisted living chairs come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and prices.


Missouri Table & Chair also carries commercial furniture options for churches.  Many churches and other places of worship use additional or temporary seating for events.  The church or conference style chairs at Missouri Table & Chair have a wide variety of options available that make them ideal for use in churches, as well as for conferences.  Some commercial church chair styles include an interlocking feature, which allows the chairs to be interlocked in order to create orderly pew-like rows.  Many chair styles include under-seat book or storage racks which can store a number of books of various sizes and easy access from all four sides of the chair.  Commercial church chairs can also be ordered with elastic edges which allow books and cards to be held securely and conveniently and adjustable book shelves which fold completely down and out of the way when not in use.  Church chairs are available in many different fabrics, vinyls and colors.  All of the Missouri Table & Chair church and conference style chairs are extremely affordable options.


There are many different types of libraries, including public libraries which can be stand-alone, or located inside public schools. There are also private libraries associated with and located in private businesses and/or schools.  Whatever the style of library, Missouri Table & Chair carries beautiful and affordable warm looking commercial wood frame chairs which are perfect for any library application. A couple great wood chair examples for libraries are the 80 wood frame chair and the 81 wood frame chair.  Both of these commercial chairs are extremely durable, with affordable pricing, and appropriate for use by a wide variety of library patrons.