Designing a Temporary Patio

Outdoor Metal Restaurant FurnitureSome restaurants may be located in historic or entertainment districts where they are allowed to erect temporary patios on a sidewalk or in a central entertainment area. Many locales that allow temporary patios in public spaces have strict codes covering design elements and materials permitted. When considering constructing a temporary restaurant patio, check with the local authority in your area regarding the appropriate restrictions. Restrictions may cover such things as appropriate types of restaurant patio furniture, size of outdoor patio allowed, and types of barrier design.

An experienced commercial patio furniture supplier representative will be invaluable in assisting with the selection of restaurant patio furniture which will meet the guidelines provided by your municipality. Here are a few general tips for constructing a temporary restaurant patio, but again, check with your specific locale.

1. All furniture must by sturdy and not blow over in normal winds. This is one of the reasons only commercial patio furniture should be used. It is manufactured to be much stronger and durable than other patio furniture.

2. All commercial outdoor furniture must be complementary in design and style. Some codes even require only certain colors be used to maintain a consistent theme. Many commercial patio tables, chairs, barstools and umbrellas are available in complementary, matching pieces.

3. Small square or rectangular tables are preferred. These can be pushed together for larger groups. Most restaurant patio furniture dealers carry a large variety of small durable table tops such as granite, resin and wood.