How to be efficient with table top sizes

round restaurant table topsWhen planning a new restaurant or doing a remodel, choosing the right size table tops is very important.  Design features must match up, meaning things like colors on the walls and floors, the material used, and the type of table top, often have far more thought put into choosing them than what a customer might expect.   Customers appreciate good ambiance in a restaurant, but more importantly, they analyze where they sit.  This includes not only the comfort of the chair but also the size of the restaurant table top.  Is there enough room for all the plates and other table top items?  How close are the people sitting to each other?  Can the customer get in and out of the seat easily?

Now, customers may not realize they are asking themselves these questions, but most people take subconscious note of their comfort, in addition to the rest of the restaurant decor, which affects their decisions on whether they will return to your establishment.  Planning the table top size requires attention for each type of restaurant tables – from fast food to fine dining.  Table top sizes can either be too large or too small which can mean lower sales.  First, you need to decide what the ratio of customer groups are which need to be accommodated.  Couples, singles, baseball teams, and the type of food being served all make a difference for table top size.

Exact table top sizes for 2 people or 6 people in fast food will vary from that same number in a fine dining restaurant.  The first step is to determine how much room is needed for each person, which could vary 20” to 30” depending on the customer group.  Then take into account what size groups will be dining, and that will determine the ratio of different size table tops.   You should also plan for the possibility of tables being pushed together for larger groups.  Consider using flip top tables that can seat from 1 to 6 people, but where the leaves can be flipped up to change it from a round table to a square.

Flexibility of table top sizes to fit customer needs is an important key to successful sales.  If a group of six comes in the front door and you only have one table for four, it would be good if that table could be flipped to seat up to six people.  Increase your sales by being efficient, and planning correct table top sizes. For more information, contact an experienced online restaurant furniture dealer.