How to Buy Butcher Block Restaurant Tables

butcher_block_table_topButcher block tables are one of the most popular and enduring table styles for many different types of restaurants.  Many customers who are considering purchasing butcher block restaurant tables need information on what to look for in butcher block before purchasing.  This article covers a few things for customers to look for when shopping for butcher block restaurant tables.

Buy Quality

How can customers tell if butcher block tables are constructed of high quality?  High quality butcher block tables begin with a durable, quality wood for the construction of the tables such as oak or ash.  Oak, ash or other types of wood are cut into strips and then glued together to make one solid surface.  Missouri Table & Chair’s restaurant butcher block tables are finished with a choice of high quality stain colors, and then each table is coated with a 2 step polyurethane finish which is very durable.  The natural wood strips comprising the solid surface of the butcher block table have some natural variation in color which contributes to the uniqueness and warmth of the table top.

Buy Experience

Customers considering purchasing butcher block restaurant tables will want to take some time to consider the reputation of the commercial furniture company they want to buy from.  Missouri Table and Chair has been manufacturing and selling commercial butcher block restaurant tables since 1978.  Their sales representatives are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects and options in restaurant butcher block tables and are happy to speak with customers who have any questions or would like more information.­­