How to Buy Outdoor Restaurant Tables and Chairs

outdoor restaurant bases and tablesAlthough it’s been wintery and cold, spring is just around the corner.  It’s time for restaurant owners to consider preparing for outdoor dining and purchasing outdoor restaurant furniture.  Whether a restaurant is considering purchasing outdoor restaurant tables and chairs for a new or existing patio or deck, they will benefit from a bit of advice about buying outdoor furniture.  This article covers a few topics to consider when purchasing outdoor restaurant tables and chairs.

Consider the Space

One of the most important factors outdoor restaurant furniture customers must consider is the size and type of space they have for outdoor dining at their restaurant.  Is there room for a large outdoor deck attached to the restaurant?  Is there an indoor area that can open up to the outdoors with some feature such as garage style doors?  Is there space for a small concrete patio?  Restaurants who lease may be able to obtain permission to use seating on a boardwalk or sidewalk area for outdoor dining.  The size of the outdoor patio space may partially dictate the size and style of outdoor restaurant tables you will purchase, and the styles of outdoor barstools and chairs to complement the table.

Businesses with smaller patios might consider purchasing smaller two to four person square tables.  Some restaurant patios even place small square tables against the storefront to maximize space.  Square tables seat more people leaving space to move between than round tables.  Small square tables are also easy to push together to form larger seating groups.

Restaurants that have the capacity for a larger patio area can consider creating visually appealing groupings of different heights and shapes to add dramatic interest to the patio.  Matching bar height tables and dining height tables with mix and match chair and barstool styles always looks great.  Integrating a few outdoor restaurant sofa sets adds comfort and drama.  The options are limitless.

Consider the Climate

Another important consideration when purchasing outdoor commercial patio furniture is the type of climate where the business is located.  Many southern states are fortunate enough to be able to feature an outdoor patio year round.  These climates, especially if they are near salt water or experience a lot of wind, will need to take this into consideration when purchasing patio furniture.  Also, if there tends to be a rainy season or prolonged sunlight, these weather conditions will also need to be taken into consideration.

Midwest or northern states where outdoor patios are used normally only part of the year will need to consider storage.  Lightweight tables such as laminate or granite are a good choice for these areas.  Metal outdoor barstools and chairs that are lightweight and stackable are great options in these areas.

Consider the Theme

Many different types of restaurants are designed around a certain color scheme, style or theme.  A lot of times this color scheme or design theme can be carried out to your outdoor dining area as well.  Consider purchasing chairs and barstools in the same style or color as the indoor restaurant furniture.  Outdoor patio table options such as Werzalit or plastic laminate are available in a large variety of colors and patterns.

Outdoor chairs and barstools are available in a huge array of color options, as well as many unique materials such as metal, plastic, wrought iron and wicker, among others.  Many barstools and chairs are designed in the same color and style family to make it easier for customers to achieve a consistent look for their outdoor dining space.  Some outdoor tables, such as the teak inlay outdoor table which can be ordered in multiple sizes, have matching chair and barstool options.

Consider the Budget

Just as with the indoor area of a restaurant, business owners have to consider their budget when purchasing furniture for an outdoor patio space.  Fortunately, just as with indoor restaurant furniture, there are many options in every price range for tables, chairs and barstools.

Some outdoor chair options such as the South Beach chair start at $39 each.  An outdoor patio table top, the California, can be purchased for as little as $36.  There are also budget friendly choices in outdoor table bases and barstools.

Customers desiring more information on outdoor tables and chairs for restaurants, or any other hospitality type business, can give the knowledgeable representatives at Missouri Table and Chair a call.  All of the staff at Missouri Table and Chair are committed to assisting customers with any of their commercial furniture needs, and want to ensure that each customer gets the exact look they want to achieve in their restaurant’s outdoor dining space.