How to Buy Restaurant Tables

restaurant table topsRestaurant tables are often the furniture highlight of a restaurant.  The type of table a business owner buys can reflect the type of restaurant it will be, the owner’s personality, and set a theme for the overall look, color and design of the entire restaurant.   Coordinating restaurant tables with other restaurant furniture such as the appropriate accent chairs, barstools and booths can set a business apart from its competition.  This article covers some basic information regarding different types of restaurant tables.

Butcher block tables are available in a wide variety of warm wood stain colors, and can add warmth and ambiance to any space.  They are made from taking strips of wood and gluing them together into a solid surface.  Butcher block tables cared for properly are very durable.  They are available in custom thicknesses, with custom stain colors to match any décor.  Butcher block restaurant tables can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, making them perfect for all types of businesses.

Granite restaurant tables are always a popular choice because they give off the natural look of stone.  They are very durable, and easy to clean and maintain.  The granite tables sold by Missouri Table and chair feature a plywood core surrounded by solid granite, which makes them easier to move and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Missouri Table and Chair also features a discount granite table top choice for 40% off the regular granite table top prices.  These discount granite tops did not meet the high quality standards of Missouri Table and Chair’s commercial furniture inspection as some of the table bottoms are somewhat rough, or not perfectly smooth where glued over the nylon mesh, but the tops of the tables are perfect. Commercial customers looking for darker colored granite such as Black Galaxy, or the lighter creamier color of Giallo Gold, can save a lot of money on these discount granite tables.

Another popular restaurant table choice is laminate.  Laminate tables come in many styles such as wood edge, self edge, and T-mold which offer the buyer a wide variety of design styles.  Each style of laminate also comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes which makes them easy to match to any restaurant theme.

Customers looking for an eco-friendly or “green” option may want to consider marmoleum tables.  They are easy to maintain and work with and look great in any color setting.  The marmoleum table top surface is self-healing meaning minor scratches disappear over time.  Marmoleum is a composite of linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, non-toxic pigments and mineral fillers such as limestone.  There are many color options such as solid or patterns made to look like granite, marble or various stained woods.

For restaurants that use table cloths, or for a quieter restaurant environment, padded table tops can be a good choice.  Padded table tops feature a layer of foam on the top which acts as a noise barrier.  The thin layer of plastic that covers the foam acts as a moisture barrier to protect against spills.  Padded tables are an economical choice, and come in a variety of sizes from small round or square tables to large flip top tables that expand.

Solid oak tables are the original pub style table and are comprised of a table top with an apron and a footed base all manufactured from quality wood and stained in a warm tone.  Solid oak tables are a nice choice for bars areas or bars, among other restaurants, because they are available in either table height or bar height.  The bar height solid oak tables are great for bar areas where patrons will be standing instead of being seated.

Werzalit table tops are excellent in almost every type of restaurant due to their versatility.  They are seamless, molded laminate table tops created from a special process coming resin, woods, heat and pressure.  Werzalit restaurant tables are weather-resistant which makes them a great option for patio use as well as for indoor use.  They are available in various sizes, and a vast array of color choices, from solid colors, to stone or wood looks, or intricate patterned options.