How to Buy Resin Restaurant Table Tops

Resin restaurant tableMany new restaurant owners want their establishment to have its own unique look and style.  It is a great idea to brand a restaurant by creating an exclusive look which distinguishes it from others.  Owners of existing restaurants can also establish or update their brand by changing the look of their business with new colors and patterns.  The colors, patterns and styles of restaurant furniture are limitless.  This article contains information for customers interested in information on how to buy resin table tops, an excellent choice in commercial tables for restaurants of all types.

What is Resin

Resin table tops are laminate tables that are seamless.  Resin table are made from resins and woods with heat and pressure applied during their manufacture.  These laminate tables are weather resistant and can be used in extensive weather conditions.  This makes resin table tops an excellent choice for customers who need outdoor table tops for restaurant patios.  Of course, they are also excellent for indoor use.

Buy for Versatility

Resin table tops are very versatile, which is why they are such a good choice for such a wide variety of restaurants and other businesses.  Because they are available in an astonishing array of shapes and colors there is a look that will fit in any restaurant setting.  There are many shapes and colors in stock from Missouri Table and Chair, which makes us an excellent choice for customers who need to receive their restaurant tables quickly.  For customers who have the time to wait for custom furniture, there are many fantastic colors and patterns available as special order options.

Werzalit tables are also versatile as to where restaurants can use them.  Because of their unique durable design and construction, Werzalit table tops are excellent options for use indoors or outdoors.  These all weather restaurant table options are constructed with a slightly raised center to allow for rain runoff.

Buy for Color

As stated above, Resin table tops are available in a wide variety of color and pattern options.  Many different in-stock color options are available with unique patterns and colors.  There are color options manufactured to look like wood grain which include choices such as Antique Oak, Italian Walnut, Mahogany, Light Brazilian Walnut, and Ponderosa Gray.  There are slightly patterned options that imitate the appearance of stone such as Genoa Marble, Granite, Catalan, Stratos, Travertine, and Volcano.  There are also some solid color options available.

Resin table tops can even be special ordered to create custom tables as individual as the restaurants they are designed for.  A .jpeg image is used to create the design of the table top.  The table top can be designed incorporating a restaurant’s name, logo or other image!

Buy for Size

Resin restaurant table tops come in many different sizes and shapes.  The round tables can be ordered anywhere from a 24 inch round to 48 inch round.  Square tops are available from 24 inches square to 36 inches square.  Rectangular resin tops come in various sizes such as 28 inches by 44 inches and 32 inches by 48 inches.  There are even more size options for customers interested in special order resin table tops.  There is a resin table top size available that will meet the needs of almost every restaurant.

Buy for Budget

Resin laminate table tops are an economical choice for customers with a limited restaurant furniture budget.  Some resin table tops, such as the 24 inch round start at only $59 per table top, and the 24 inch square table top starts at $82.  Considering the durability of these table tops, and the fact that they come with a one year commercial furniture warranty, they are among one of the most budget friendly options in commercial tables.

Where to Buy

Missouri Table and Chair has a full line of resin laminate table top options, whether you are looking for in stock or custom order options.  The customer sales representatives at Missouri Table and Chair are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience assisting businesses with all of the available options when purchasing Werzalit laminate table tops.  Missouri Table and Chair has been in business since 1978, assisting commercial customers with all of their needs in restaurant table tops, and more.