How to Match Table Tops and Chairs

Many restaurant or hospitality professionals have a lot on their plates. From getting all the necessary supplies, ensuring the staff are trained and making sure guests are pleased, there are many hats to wear in the daily life of the industry professional. Often, another hat worn by an owner or manager is that of creative decision maker. True innovators aren’t afraid of breaking the mold to get the results they want. When figuring out the right style for your business, learning how to match table tops and chairs from different sets can create a unique look all your own.

Match Table Tops and Chairs

The first step in learning how to match table tops and chairs is finding elements that are different, restaurant butcher block tableyet similar in a way. Whether looking to combine chairs with a modern metal frame and a table with a granite top or a funky art deco green chair with a wood table, finding elements in common can create a unified look with just a fun hint of mismatched personality. The aspect that can easily tie mismatched items together can be a shared color of steel for chair frames and table base so even though the granite table top is different, there is still a unified element. The unifying element can be something as obvious as the frame and base or as simple as the curve of the chairs being similar to curve of the natural wood table. If you can see it working for your design scheme, then go with it because customers love when restaurants or business are innovative in their design approach.

Another aspect of learning how to match table tops and chairs is to make sure they are to scale with one another. Few things look worse than a giant table fitted with chairs that are too small or vice versa. Always check the height and width specifications of table tops and chairs to make sure they are compatible so guests will be as comfortable as possible.

Finding the right way to mix and match tables and chairs for a unique look can take time and patience, but remember the result can truly set your business apart from the crowd!