Why Laminate Tables are Perfect for Restaurants

laminate restaurant table setAn increasing number of restaurants and corporate office cafeterias are opting to buy laminate tables for use in their businesses’ dining space. Why are laminate tables a classic choice for commercial establishments?  In this blog, we will delve into the reasons behind the popularity of laminate table options. Read on to discover the many perks of buying laminate table tops for your own restaurant or hospitality space.

Laminate Tables are Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the top reasons why people opt to buy laminate table tops is their ease of maintenance. A simple wipe down can rid the tables of grime, which is why laminates are favored in commercial establishments. They are also preferred in office cafeterias many different people use the space, and there may be limited staff who can’t afford to spend a lot of time on cleaning restaurant furniture after the lunch or dinner rush.

Laminate Tables are Durable

Most restaurants, kitchens and even cafeterias wish to ensure that they won’t need to be replacing their tables and seating very often.  Business owners want to make their restaurant furniture last for as long as possible.  Laminate tables are a very durable restaurant table choice, which is why they have been a popular choice for restaurants for so long.  The resilient composite and finish surface ensure that they are easy to clean, making sure they stay looking great with minimal work.  The finish makes it extremely difficult for water or soap lather to seep into the surface which could cause lasting damage. Just a simple thorough wipe down will keep laminate looking nice.

There’s a Laminate Table for Every Dining Space

Laminate tables are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and Sizes.  The availability of intriguing shades, hues and textures ensures that you can select the exact laminate which makes your dining space looks stunning. There are a variety of laminate design options, including self-edge, wood-edge and T-mold.  All of these options make great commercial dining tables.  The variety of sizes you can get is also amazing, and means you can use laminate in the specific amount and sizes to perfectly match your layout.  Laminate is also easy to match to other tables, granite for example, to give your dining space a visual highlight.  Laminate tables are also easy to match to a variety of styles of commercial seating, such as barstools, chairs and even booths.

Laminate Tables are Budget Friendly

Far from being expensive, laminate table tops are one of the most economical options you will find.  Because they are so durable for the price, the value is unmatched, and why laminate is such a popular classic restaurant table choice.  As mentioned above, a business owner can select a few granite tables which can become the focal point of a restaurant, and then match a granite finish design on laminate tables to complete the restaurant layout.  This can be a more affordable option than purchasing all granite tables.  The same would work well with butcher block table tops matched with a wood looking laminate.  Or a business owner could go with a large community table which seats 10 people or more in the center of the dining room, with many contrasting laminate tables around it.

Laminate table tops offer a lot of positives when used in commercial dining spaces.  Consider all the advantages, and ask yourself whether a laminate table top in your business is the right answer.  Many other business owners before you have chosen laminate.