Maintaining Wood Chairs

As with any purchase for a restaurant or business, furniture is a big-ticket investment. You want this often expensive investment to last as long as possible and one of the ways to ensure that happening is by following basic care instructions. When maintaining wood chairs, there are a few recommendations generally trusted to keep wood furniture looking impeccable for years to come.

Maintaining Wood Chairs

One of the most important elements of maintaining wood chairs is to properly protect them from wood restaurant chairsthe elements. While there are wood tables intended for outdoor use, wood furniture tends to be an indoor furniture. Wood is easily damaged by excessive rain or exposure to direct sunlight, so it is advisable to cover or move wooden furniture indoors when possible.

Another factor when dealing with protecting wood furniture from damage is to clean it properly. It is never recommended to use water on wood chairs, but when dealing with a particularly sticky mess, you can dip a cleaning towel in warm, soapy water and then dab the stain with it. Never apply water directly to wood furniture. You should never use all-purpose cleaner on wood chairs as it is far too harsh for the delicate nature of most woods. Cleaning with a cleaner specifically designed for wood is the safest bet. It is also recommended that wood furniture is dusted daily to avoid the buildup of mites that may inflict tiny scratches in the wood.

Another element of maintaining wood chairs is the application of a high-quality wax after cleaning is complete. Never apply wax that is a high oil percentage in large amounts because it will leave a residue which makes fingerprints even more noticeable. Try to use a wax with a silicone base for the best results. It is recommended to start with less wax than you need because it is easier to add more than to take it off again. Always work with the grain of the wood for a stunning finish that truly highlights the natural beauty of wood furniture.

Wood chairs can be a wise investment to the life of your business when simple steps are taken to keep them looking their best!