Matching Restaurant Table Tops and Bases

restaurant table topsGetting the right size base affects the stability and durability of the table. If the table top is too heavy for the table base, neither the table base nor the table top will last as long as a properly matched table base and table top. If the table base selected is in error, it may be unable to support the table top correctly, which could cause undo wobbling, even tipping over. Some larger restaurant tables require two table bases to support the weight and shape of the table top.

So how do you know what size and style of table base you need for each different type of restaurant table top? This is an excellent question and an important one. It is essential that customers select the correct style and size bases for their table tops.  The best advice is to contact an experienced commercial furniture sales representative who can give specific advice on the size and style table top needed. However, this article provides information to match standard X-bases or round table bases to various material table tops.

Base Styles

The restaurant table base styles recommended in this article are either a round style base or an X style base. An X-base (also called a cross base) looks like an X on the bottom where the base sits on the floor. A round table base is constructed with a large round plate where it contacts the floor and are typically heavier than the cross bases.

The chart below describes the largest majority of bases sold. If there 2 dimensions on the chart, like 22” x 5” that is a cross or X base and if just one dimension given, that indicates a round base. The spider is the piece that goes directly under the table top, that sits on the 3” or 4” column. These are the most common spiders listed below although there are larger and smaller versions. The bigger the table top, the larger the spider needed as the spider will help keep the table top from wobbling.

Base SizeDimensionsSpider SizeBase Weight (in pounds)Column SizeLevelers Per Base
T052222” x 5”13”15 – Dining Height 16 – Bar Height3”2
T222222” x 22”13”18 – Dining Height 19 – Bar Height3”4
T243024” x 30”13”22 – Dining Height 23 – Bar Height3”4
T303030” x 30”13”23 – Dining Height 24 – Bar Height3”4
T363636” x 36”15”32 – Dining Height 33 – Bar Height4”4
TR1818” round13”26 – Dining Height 27 – Bar Height3”4
TR2424” round15”41 – Dining Height 42 – Bar Height4”4
TR3030” round15”53 – Dining Height 54 – Bar Height4”4


Special Bases

For special tables such as corner tables, extra long, extra heavy, or odd dimensions, a special base not listed here may be needed. Special bases include different size of spider, column, bottom or for special tables attached to walls. Some bases are attached to the floor with bolts or core drilled into the floor using concrete. Custom designed bases can be manufactured.

In addition bases also can be ornate, or contemporary, made of aluminum or stainless steel rather than the above iron metal bases in the charts.

Iron bases can be used outdoors if treated properly with outdoor coatings, otherwise aluminum or stainless steel should be used.

Base choices are further complicated with the fact that the same base specifications bases are made in different qualities such a good, better and best. The best does not mean it’s best for all applications, it just means that it is built more sturdy than the good or better versions.