Matching Your Restaurant with the Right Commercial Furniture

restaurant bar stoolsWhen contemplating purchasing restaurant chairs or restaurant tables, the first consideration should be your personal taste and the specific style of your other restaurant decor. However, you should also consider the type of restaurant. Different types of restaurants have characteristics in common with each other. This article covers general descriptions of a few restaurant types, and makes recommendations for restaurant tables and chairs for each one.

Bistros are generally small, casual restaurants with simple meals and moderate pricing. A bistro may use a blackboard for its daily menu instead of printed menus. The restaurant tables and chairs in bistros are normally small, intimate setups. Good choices for bistros would be small round granite table tops with designer bases, and metal frame chairs with a padded seats and a simple back design.

A brasserie is also usually a small restaurant, but with an upscale, relaxed atmosphere and decor. Brasseries usually feature more professional details such as linen table coverings and printed menus. Good ideas for brasserie style restaurants are custom butcher block tables or granite table tops. We recommend matching these tables with high quality wood bar stools and wood chairs with upholstered or wood seats to complete an upscale brasserie look in your custom color scheme.

Brewpubs are restaurants that serve food, while also brewing beer on the premises. Serving original, high quality menu items and custom brewed beer are elements of most brewpubs. Brewpubs almost always include a bar area, and many have an observation area of their on-premise beer brewing equipment. A brewpub owner will likely want to accent the bar area, and therefore the rest of the establishment, with high quality, durable restaurant furniture. Custom butcher block or solid oak tables are good choices for the look of a traditional American brewpub. Match these with quality restaurant wood chairs and barstools to accent the bar area.

Buffets are restaurants where customers serve themselves from an array of food placed in a public area. The buffet is popular because it can serve a large number of people a wide variety of food options, but requires less staffing than a regular restaurant. The décor for a buffet restaurant can vary widely. Many buffets are budget style, offering all-you-can-eat for a minimal price and featuring a simple décor. Other buffets are restaurants in upscale hotels and casinos, with higher prices and a more opulent decor. Whether the buffet is simple or opulent, restaurant tables and chairs selected for the buffet should be durable and easy to clean. Commercial booths, which come in a wide variety of styles and offer many options, are great choices for buffets. Consideration should also be given to table sizes. Buffet style restaurants generally require more dining area per table than other styles of restaurant, so be sure to ask your commercial furniture representative for recommendations on table and booth sizes for use in a buffet.

Coffee Houses
As the name suggests, a coffee house or coffee shop, normally serves prepared custom coffees and other beverages. Coffee houses may also offer pastries and other small food items. One of the accents of modern coffee houses is available wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) for patrons and their computers. Small intimate tables, in either dining or bar height, are perfect for coffee houses. A round or square table, including a granite or resin table top with a standard base, would be a good coffee shop choice. Matching wood or metal chairs are also a great option. Be sure to ask your commercial retailer for a recommendation on durable and comfortable commercial chairs and barstools, as many patrons linger at the coffee shop while working on their computer.

Food Courts
Most food courts are indoor common dining areas or plazas providing restaurant tables and chairs for multiple vendors. Traditionally, food courts are found in high traffic areas such as shopping malls and airports. As there is no single food vendor or style with which to match the restaurant chair and table style, the possibilities for design are limitless. Clean lines and bright colors are always excellent options for food courts. Maintenance and durability are the biggest considerations when choosing food court tables and chairs. Restaurant chairs and tables in this high traffic area will have high customer turnover, and must be easy to clean and maintain. Good choices for restaurant tables in a food court are brightly colored laminate or resin tables, with matching molded plastic or metal chairs.