More Commercial Furniture Options

commercial furnitureMissouri Table & Chair sells commercial chairs, tables, and barstools for many types of businesses. Customers who have been following our blogs will notice we’ve posted many blog articles focusing on barstools and tables for specific types of restaurants.  In this article we will be highlighting many individual types of unique restaurants by cuisine, and offer a couple furniture design options in restaurant tables, chairs and or barstools suited to each particular type of restaurant.  As always, these are just a few simple suggestions by category, and customers should always work within their personal design preferences.

Ethiopian Restaurants

Ethiopian cuisine is made up of spicy meat and vegetable dishes.  A few of the popular Ethiopian items are wot (a thick stew) and injera (a large flatbread), which is used to pick up bites of food instead of using utensils.  Many Ethiopian restaurants serve the food family style on large plates or platters, so large size tables giving your customers plenty of room are the way to go for an Ethiopian restaurant.  A lot of Ethiopian restaurants are decorated with many bright, colorful accent pieces and art, so a good choice would be warm wood butcher block tables and matching wood restaurant chairs stained in a warm tone to match the vibrant colors.

Greek Restaurants

Greek cuisine consists of dishes made from flavorful ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, olives, eggplant, cheeses and yogurts.  Almost everyone knows of some of the classic Greek dishes of gyro sandwiches on pita bread and eggplant moussaka.  Many Greek restaurants feature small tables with brightly colored tablecloths and warm lighting.  Good choices for Greek restaurants are budget friendly laminate tables and durable, colorful metal restaurant chairs.

Indian Restaurants

Indian cuisine is very popular and consists of many different types of highly spiced dishes.  Some of the popular choices are vindaloo, (a hot curry dish made with meat or fish), naan (an Indian flatbread), and raita, (a cooling yogurt sauce for dipping bread and vegetables).  Like Ethiopian restaurants, many Indian restaurants feature bright, colorful decorative accents.  Good restaurant furniture choices for Indian restaurants are warm wood butcher block tables and matching warm wood chairs.  Restaurant booths with brightly colored vinyl seating to match the décor would look gorgeous in this restaurant setting, as well as adding additional comfortable seating.

Mexican Restaurants

Mexican cuisine is known for its variety of spices, ingredients, and flavors, and chili peppers.  The Mexican restaurant cuisine consists largely of formed doughs, such as tamales, tortillas, and gorditas filled with a variety of meats, vegetables and cheeses, many times served with sides such as Mexican rice and refried beans.  Many Mexican restaurants feature a décor consisting of brightly colored traditional Mexican items such as sombreros, cactus and chili pepper art.  Good restaurant furniture choices for Mexican restaurants are lightly stained butcher block restaurant tables, and matching wood chairs and barstools with brightly colored vinyl padded seats.  Brightly colored metal restaurant barstools and chairs can also look great in Mexican restaurants.

Spanish Tapas Bars

Spanish tapas bars or restaurants feature Spanish cuisine which consists of a wide variety of appetizers or snacks, so customers can taste one or two dishes or combine many dishes to make a full meal.  Tapas dishes may be warm dishes such as sautéed or fried vegetables and meats, or cold dishes such as olives and cheese, just to name a few.  Spanish tapas bars can be decorated from laid back with simple tables and chairs, to upscale with plush upholstered chairs and barstools.  If you are looking for a simple, comfortable design for your tapas bar, laminate or butcher block tables with wood restaurant chairs and barstools featuring a simple design will work beautifully.  An upscale tapas bar will likely want to utilize some warm wood butcher block tables or gorgeous granite restaurant tables accented by wood chairs and barstools in warmer tones with upholstered seats in complementary colors to complete this look.  One of the keys to design in a tapas bar is to utilize a variety of table sizes to cater to any size seating group from two to twenty.

This article has covered just a few of the vast array of restaurant types now becoming popular in America and popping up in just about every locale.  Just as there are many different types of restaurants, there are many different styles of furniture, so there is some perfect restaurant chair, table or barstool for your individual restaurant.