Needs for Different Types of Restaurants

restaurant buffet tableAs we’ve posted before in an earlier blog article, when contemplating purchasing restaurant chairs or restaurant tables, the first consideration should be your personal taste and the specific style of your other restaurant decor. However, you should also consider the type of restaurant. This article covers some additional types of restaurants, and again makes recommendations for restaurant furniture for each one. We will be highlighting even more choices in future articles, as the types of restaurants available is almost limitless, so check back often for new blog posts.

Self Serve Restaurants

A self serve restaurant is where a restaurant where customers serve themselves. Examples of automated restaurants are salad bars or yogurt shops, where customers select their food and serve themselves. Cafeterias in hospitality industries, or workplace cafeterias could also fall into this category. Employees check out customers at the cash register, refill food items and clean, but diners select their food and seat themselves. An advantage of this type of restaurant for a business owner fewer employees are necessary. Maintenance and durability are big considerations when choosing restaurant chairs and tables for self serve restaurants. The furniture must be easy to clean and maintain. Vibrantly colored laminate or resin tables with matching metal or molded plastic chairs would be an excellent choice.


Diner style restaurants can cover a wide range of restaurant styles. The classic diner restaurants, though, usually consist of a casual atmosphere, counter seating, early to late operating hours and a wide range of foods. Diner style restaurants are found all over the United States and are usually budget and family friendly. The classic 50’s diner featuring vinyl booths and formica counters is typical of the style. Good choices for diner style restaurants are durable vinyl restaurant booths, colorful laminate or resin table tops with their limitless color and design options, and metal chairs and backless barstools with vinyl seats.


Pizza is the classic American food favorite and available in a wide variety of venues. Pizza, and in conjunction with it, pizzerias, are the ultimate in comfort and affordability. A pizzeria restaurant can extend that comfort to customers with the use of comfortable restaurant tables and chairs. Good options for pizzerias would be wood butcher block restaurant tables, which come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size dining group, and many custom finishes accenting any restaurant design theme. Wood chairs and barstools with wood or upholstered seats are excellent seating options for pizzerias.

American Barbecue Restaurants

Traditionally, “barbecue” is meat smoked outdoors over wood or charcoal. Today, American style barbecue restaurants normally offer a variety of smoked meats, chicken and fish with various sauces and standard side items such as baked beans, potato salad, and French fries. Barbecue restaurants may cook their meat in specially designed large metal or brick ovens indoors. A lot of barbecue restaurants feature a rustic look reminiscent of the wood saloons of the 1800s. Classic wood restaurant furniture, such as butcher block or solid oak round pedestal tables and wood barstools and chairs are perfectly suited for the American style barbecue restaurant.

Mongolian Barbecue Restaurants

At Mongolian barbecue restaurants, diners choose from a wide variety of ingredients set up buffet style to create their own unique meal. The customers place whatever ingredients they choose into a bowl, which is then stir fried by cooks on a large grill and served to the customer. Mongolian and other similar create your own restaurants are very entertaining for diners. Good choices for restaurant furniture to highlight the setting of a Mongolian barbecue restaurant are butcher block or solid oak table tops, and wood restaurant chairs or barstools stained a rich color.


Another entertaining type of restaurant increasingly popping up around the country is the churrascaria. These are Brazilian steakhouses. Churrasco basically means “barbecue” in Portuguese. Most churrascarias start with an extensive salad or food bar, where diners serve themselves. Then, diners use specially designed two sided coins to signal the start and stop of the meat service, where waiters deliver skewers of various types of meat, and carve the meat at your table. Churrascaria style restaurants have an opulent feel. Wood frame restaurant chairs and barstools with plush padded seats and butcher block tables would be perfect for the churrascaria style restaurant.

When considering purchasing any type of commercial restaurant furniture, personal style is the first consideration. You may benefit, though, from using some typical restaurant furniture standard for the type of restaurant you are considering. The representatives at Missouri Table & Chair have vast experience assisting customers in purchasing commercial chairs and tables for every type of restaurant, and would love to assist you with advice or answer any questions you may have.