Outdoor Granite Restaurant Tables

outdoor granite restaurant tablesThe percentage of restaurants providing outdoor seating seems to have increased dramatically in recent years.  Restaurant patios are popping up on sidewalks, in strip malls, and just about anywhere a restaurant can carve out space for some outdoor tables and chairs.  Experienced restaurant furniture suppliers provide a vast selection in outdoor furniture for restaurant owners.  Restaurant outdoor furniture comes in many different colors, styles and is manufactured from many different materials.  This blog focuses on granite restaurant tables as a quality choice in outdoor tables.

Granite table tops are an excellent choice for use as outdoor restaurant tables.  Granite tables are a naturally occurring stone created in the outdoors.  Granite is very hard and durable, and is one of the reasons why so many restaurant owners prefer granite tables for use inside their restaurants as well as for their patio tables.  Granite tables come in many different color design options, they are very easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance.

The granite tables sold by Missouri Table and Chair are designed with a plywood core surrounded by granite.  This design makes the table tops much lighter weight than solid granite, which is an important design element for use in outdoor patios where the tables may need to be moved around.  This design also makes it easier and faster to attach or remove a table base using one-inch screws. Also, granite is very easy to clean and maintain which makes it a very practical low maintenance option for indoor use or outdoors.