Outdoor Restaurant Furniture: Improve Your Patio from Good to Great

outdoor patio furnitureIf you own or manage a restaurant with an outdoor patio, or if you are considering adding a new outdoor dining area, here are some important and profitable tips to transform your restaurant patio from good to great.

Right Choice of Restaurant Patio Furniture

Adding wholesale patio furniture can make your patio or outdoor rooftop space look more inviting while complementing the overall design of the restaurant. It is important to remember patio furniture must fit different criteria than indoor furniture. Maintenance is an issue. The ability to move the tables and chairs quickly and easily is another. Outdoor restaurant patio table tops come in a wide range of options such as granite, teak, faux teak, resin and stainless steel. Granite and resin tops are both popular choices that offer several color options. Granite, resin and stainless steel tops are easy to maintain. Teak table tops take more maintenance. Selecting the correct outdoor chairs and barstools to match your tables is very important. Outdoor restaurant chairs and barstools are available in many styles such as teak, plastic rattan, aluminum and aluminum mesh. Aluminum and plastic rattan chairs are very light weight. Contacting a company that specializes in outdoor patio furniture is always recommended.

Give Customers Some Shade

Some of your customers might enjoy outdoor dining under direct sunshine, but many customers prefer shade. Equip your restaurant patio with outdoor umbrellas to protect your customers when the summer sun gets hot. Proper shading can extend the life of some outdoor restaurant furniture. Umbrellas come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes. You may choose umbrellas that fit into the tables or sit beside the table.  Other shading options are to use a plastic mesh which can be purchased to let in lots of sun to no sun.   A nursery that sells plants can point you in the right direction.  For those hot, dry days using misters  can make sitting in 100 degree weather actually bearable.

Give Your Patio a Pet-Friendly Retreat

You will definitely make some of your customers happier if you can manage to secure the necessary local permits to allow pets in patios. Many customers will want to spend more time on your patio if it allows their four-legged friends properly leashed to accompany them. Providing water bowls and snacks can certainly convert your patio space from “good-to-great” for many dog lovers around your city.

Offer Patio Dining Open till Late

Offering your guests a fun outdoor place to enjoy and dine till late night is a good idea to attract more customers. More customers means more profits, especially during the summers’ nights. During the summers, keeping the restaurant patio  open later while offering a special patio menu, such as summer salads, sandwiches, and refreshing cocktails, will help make your space an enjoyable place for people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Offer Unique Attractions to Spice it Up

You may also try having some unique attractions for your customers to enjoy. A simple stringing of lights is all that is needed for lighting.  Fire pits are more expensive, but they attract people as fire is mesmerizing, much as moths are attracted to flame.  Waterscapes can add a relaxing feeling to a patio. As the weather gets colder, adding warmth to your patio using heat lamps or al fresco fireplaces can help you extend your patio season. If the patio is opened longer during the year, more income is generated during that time which can pay for the heating needed. Also, you can liven up your restaurant patio with special entertainment activities like music or parties related to certain events in your city.