Outdoor Restaurant Furniture: The Hardware Matters

commercial patio furnitureIs the Hardware Appropriate for Outdoor Use?

It’s crucial to assemble Outdoor Restaurant Furniture using fasteners that withstand changing weather conditions. Most manufacturers include outdoor-grade fasteners in the original packaging, although it’s always good to double-check. Problems can happen when restaurant owners replace old fasteners with materials not suited to the outdoors or when the manufacturer’s fasteners aren’t sufficient for tough local conditions.

In most cases, galvanized screws, which are plated with zinc, are a better choice than uncoated steel nails. Stainless steel fasteners provide the most protection in tough conditions. Restaurant furniture that is exposed to salty coastal air can benefit from 316 stainless steel marine-grade fasteners. For decorative applications with highly visible fasteners, use attractive, rust-resistant, stainless steel or copper fasteners if you like a good type of aging.

Restaurant patio furniture won’t last long unless it’s made of weather-resistant components. It’s crucial to ask the following questions when purchasing table tops, commercial patio bases and outdoor restaurant chairs.

Are All Chairs and Table Tops Weather-resistant?

Restaurant patio furniture should feature weather-resistant materials, but weather resistant doesn’t mean weatherproof. All materials require periodic maintenance. For example, teak tables fade to a silver-gray color if not regularly cleaned and stained, and wrought iron rusts quickly when chips develop in the finish.  Other than teak wood is generally not a good outdoor choice since because the sun, heat, cold and moisture effect its performance.  Restaurant owners who have little time for maintenance should look for durable, weather-resistant materials, such as faux teak or cast aluminum.

Outdoor restaurant chairs should incorporate cushions made from polyester, vinyl or acrylic, as these fabrics resist mildew. Storing cushions indoors when not in use will make them last longer.

Seek low maintenance hardware

If you own a restaurant, one of your most valuable assets is time.  Choose low maintenance furniture which should have appropriate durable hardware as well.  But you need to ask about maintenance before purchasing or you may not get what you expect.  Just like organic food which costs more, you may need to pay a little more upfront for low maintenance furniture.  For example, the teak that was mentioned in this article is looks very good out of the box.  And it can stay looking good with regular maintenance, but skip maintenance and soon you will have a dull gray, worn, uninviting furniture piece.  A better choice is faux teak commercial tables that look great and stay looking good with much less attention.  The same with screws, and hinges, uncoated is not a good choice, galvanized is better, but stainless steel is even better. If you can afford it, buy the better materials, it will save in the long run.

Take Care of Restaurant Patio Furniture

Selecting the most appropriate materials and hardware, along with written maintenance techniques, will keep your restaurant patio furniture in service for years to come.  If its not written down, it may not get done.  Depending on the material, hose furniture down regularly or wash it with soap and water. Cover the furniture when it’s not in use, and quickly repair paint chips, gaps in grout and other issues to prevent long-term damage.