Proper Storage for Folding Chairs

Achieving the perfect seating capacity can be a fluctuating process. Many businesses rely on the helpful folding chair style of seating for those times when you need to quickly make adjustments to your floor plan. While these chairs can be a life-saver when your event is larger than anticipated, they can be a storage concern when they are not in use. Luckily, there are a few options for proper storage for folding chairs.

Storage for Folding Chairs

When looking for proper storage for folding chairs, it is important to keep in mind that these items should not be just stacked in the corner of a garage or an unused space in the back of the restaurant. If you leave them without a proper storage system, you leave them vulnerable to irreversible damage rendering them useless. Always have a storage plan in place with any investment for your business, including folding chairs. Whatever storage plan you intend to use, make sure to keep chairs away from overexposure to direct sunlight or water to avoid damage.

One of the most popular and widely used methods for proper storage for folding chairs is the use of a high-quality cart, often referred to as a dolly. These allow for a designated space to keep the chairs and easy transportation since most carts have wheels. While these dollies come in a variety of sizes, there are other options for those looking for even more storage capacity. Another option for proper storage for folding chairs when you have a lot of chairs is a stackable rack. This rack allows for racks of chairs to be stacked on top of each for the most storage available. When looking for something with less storage but more ease of access, there are hanging folding chair dollies. These are a great storage option for venues looking to save on floor space and have the ease of quickly grabbing chairs.

No matter what storage device you choose for the storage of folding chairs, it is best to have an accurate estimate of how many chairs you have and how much storage you truly need.