Pros and Cons of Quick Ship Restaurant Furniture Products

Restaurant Furniture Quick DeliveryFor restaurateurs, quick shipping can be a necessity. It can ensure that food supplies are delivered on time, and that vital kitchen equipment is replaced immediately so that service can continue uninterrupted. When it comes to restaurant furniture, however, quick shipping can sometimes be an advantage; but it can often be more advantageous to plan and order furnishings ahead of time without any time constraints.

Advantages of Planning Ahead

In today’s restaurant industry, it’s easy to find a wealth of hospitality furniture businesses that advertise quick shipping on their restaurant furnishings, promising to send their products out immediately so that owners can furnish their establishments completely before opening day. In many cases, however, these businesses offer only a limited supply of in-stock items, leaving restaurant owners with little choice or variety. Likewise, their prices are often inflated, with buyers paying a premium for convenience.

By planning ahead, however, restaurateurs can choose from a larger selection of quality products, many of which can be customized with special-order finishes or laminates.  In addition, they can also save substantial costs by prioritizing their needs and making informed decisions, rather than having to settle for the higher prices of quick-ship furniture.  Plus, by having the time to choose, more options are available – whether it’s hospitality seating in a specific range of colors, or durable tables and restaurant chairs in a variety of beautiful natural woods.

When to Quick Ship

Sometimes, it’s imperative for a restaurateur to ask for quick shipping. For example, an owner might need to replace damaged or well-worn restaurant tables. Instead of going to an unknown quick-ship supplier, however, it’s a better idea to talk first to a well-known, reputable restaurant furnishings dealer and find out if a rush order can be placed. Likewise, if there’s an upcoming function where more restaurant chairs are needed, a reputable dealer in hospitality chairs and restaurant seating might be able to ship out a rush order that will arrive just as quickly as an order from a quick-ship dealer — without the inflated prices.

In order to get the best selection of restaurant tables, chairs, bases, booths, bar stools and other types of commercial restaurant furniture at the lowest possible prices, it helps to plan ahead and order everything well in advance, leaving plenty of time for customizing and delivery. This way, restaurateurs can choose from a wider selection, compare prices and even opt for customized finishes and surfaces that will make their décor stand out from the competition.

Advantages of Quick Ship

There are advantages of quick ship options, and knowing this basic information can sometimes help you save money and time if you are in a position to take advantage.  Some quick ship options may be reduced price items that the manufacturer is trying to clear out.  If these items are suitable in functionality and color for your restaurant, you can potentially save quite a bit of money.  Ensure the quick ship restaurant furniture supplier has sufficient inventory to meet the quantity of restaurant furniture for your specific needs.

There are other advantages of quick ship as well.  If the restaurant tables or seating you like happen to be in-stock items for quick ship, you will be able to get exactly the products you need at the time you need them.  You will also have the advantage of not having to tie up your cash until you need your restaurant furniture.  Consider the pros and cons of quick ship when researching restaurant furniture before making a decision whether it is the right option for your business.