Quality vs. Cost: Choosing Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Commerical patio furnitureQuality versus cost—it’s the classic quandary for any business owner, whether you’re running an internationally-known corporation or opening up your first restaurant. For first-time restaurant owners, it can be difficult to decide whether something is worth the extra cost. For example, are those butcher-block table tops or restaurant granite table tops worth a few extra thousand dollars, or will laminate tabletops work just as well? What about that expensive wrought-iron commercial restaurant patio furniture? Likewise, those commercial tables and chairs are pricey—won’t a set of wholesale tables and chairs look just as good?

These types of questions have caused many a sleepless night for new restaurant owners, so here’s how to deal with them.

Budgeting for Everything From Commercial Table Tops to Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Whether you’re shopping for outdoor restaurant chairs and barstools or restaurant wood table tops, it’s important to buy the best that you can afford. The right commercial restaurant furniture can make all the difference in a restaurant’s success—plus, well-made furniture with quality construction will make your restaurant a safer place for your customers.

Restaurant furniture is subjected to heavy wear and usage on a regular basis, so if it’s not well made, it can break down quickly and lead to expensive replacements. It’s more important to budget for quality furnishings than for showy decorative items that don’t seriously impact your customers’ dining experience. For example, it’s better to spend money on high-quality restaurant chairs and restaurant barstools than on overly-expensive serving pieces. Instead, opt for lower-priced quality china and stoneware that’s just as attractive, and invest more money into durable, well-crafted commercial chairs and tables that will stand up to years of use.

Outdoor Restaurant Chairs and Barstools

If you’re providing an outdoor dining area, it’s important to make things just as comfortable outdoors as they are inside. Invest in heavy-duty, weather-proof outdoor restaurant furniture that will hold up to the elements without rusting or corroding. Consider options that are made for outdoor use, such as granite tables, aluminum bases, and lightweight outdoor restaurant chairs and barstools that can be easily moved and stored.

Restaurant Granite Table Tops and Other Natural Materials

Many of today’s top restaurants—both fine dining and casual—are trending toward natural-material table tops, like Granite. They’re not only environmentally-sustainable, they’re also easy to clean and amazingly durable. Plus, their beauty adds tremendous style to any type of restaurant, making them well worth the investment.

When it comes to choosing the tables, chairs and barstools that customers will be using in your restaurant, make sure to invest in the highest quality materials you can afford—even if it means putting off those gold-trimmed charger plates and expensive copper chafing dishes. It’s far more important that your customers have a safe and comfortable place to sit and enjoy their dining experience. After all, that copper chafing dish won’t bring your customers back a second time—but luxurious chairs and comfortable bar stools just might.