Red and Yellow

red restaurant table and chairAn article recently on a television news show, discussed the effect of colors on appetites.  Apparently, some colors are effective in increasing peoples’ hunger, while other colors dull people’s appetites.  The colors that stimulate appetites the most are the primary colors, red and yellow.  Numerous businesses use this knowledge when designing their restaurants colors, themes and advertising.  Many popular international fast food chains use red and yellow in their logo, restaurant and advertising design.

When considering purchasing commercial furniture for your restaurant, you can incorporate red and yellow in your selection.  This article highlights just a few options in restaurant chairs, barstools, tables, booths and outdoor furniture, available from Missouri Table & Chair in red and yellow.

Many restaurant chairs and barstools can be ordered with red or yellow seats.  Some wood frame restaurant chairs and barstools can be custom upholstered.  This gives a restaurant owner an infinite number of options in red and yellow, as well as any other color.  Metal restaurant chairs and barstools available with red vinyl seats are the A1316, A114, and A123, just to name a few.  The Walker metal chair is available accented with yellow.

Missouri Table & Chair’s restaurant booths include models available in red and yellow vinyl or upholstery.  Several of the restaurant table tops we sell can be ordered in red or yellow.  Laminate tops with a red and/or yellow option include the t-mold, wood edge, and self edge laminates.  Marmoleum table tops also come in red and yellow, and the resin table tops in the party line feature red and yellow.

Call Missouri Table & Chair and our experienced representatives can assist you with your red and/or yellow commercial furniture purchase, or any other color under the sun!