Restaurant Chair Styles

restaurant table topsCustomers interested in purchasing new restaurant chairs or restaurant tables are often pleasantly surprised to realize the vast amount of choices available in restaurant furniture. Restaurant furniture is designed in a vast array of themes, styles and colors. The variety available can make it a bit daunting for the customer to sort through the various options. This article covers many of the categories offered in restaurant chairs at Missouri Table and Chair and some brief information regarding each.

Metal Frame Restaurant Chairs
As the title implies, metal frame restaurant chairs are chairs constructed with a metal frame. They may come with a variety of seat options, most commonly either a vinyl or wood seat. Metal frame chairs are available in a huge assortment of color and style options. The metal chair frames come in a large selection of color choices and seat back designs. The vinyl seating options are available in almost any color imaginable. Also, many of these metal restaurant chairs have matching barstools available. Limitless design options make metal frame chairs suitable for almost any restaurant application. They are highly suited to bistros, pizzerias, cafes or coffee shops.

Wood Frame Restaurant Chairs
Wood frame restaurant chairs are commercial chairs manufactured with a wood frame. The seat may be constructed of wood, padded vinyl or upholstery. As with metal frame chairs, wood restaurant chairs are available in a large variety of customizable color and style options. Wood chairs are available in many custom wood stain options. The colors, textures and patterns of the vinyl and upholstery seating surfaces are infinite. Wood chair frames styles range from simple, classic designs to ultra modern and ornate or elaborate. Wood chairs are also made from a variety of qualities of wood, keeping in mind each restaurant’s individual budget needs. Many wood chair styles are available either with or without arms.

Wood chairs look fantastic in any application where the warmth of a wood chair is called for. Wood frame chairs, just like wood butcher block tables, work well anywhere you want to add a nice warm ambience to the location. Wood frame chairs work great in brasseries, brewpubs and upscale restaurants.

Stackable Restaurant Chairs
Stackable restaurant chairs are designed for use when a restaurant or hospitality venue needs additional seating. Stackable chairs are designed to stack when not in use to minimize the space needed for chair storage. Stackable chairs range from simple, but durable budget friendly chairs to stylish chairs with fine wood and metal finish options, and quality custom upholstery. Some of the stackable chairs have matching dollies available to order for chair transport and storage.

Folding Restaurant Chairs
As with stackable restaurant chairs, folding chairs are designed for use when extra seating capacity is needed. Folding chairs are usually a very budget friendly option in extra seating. The folding chairs come in metal and steel frame options, and either metal or plastic seating surfaces. Some stackable chairs are available in a variety of colors options.

Assisted Living Restaurant Chairs
Assisted living chairs are designed for stability and durability. These chairs are very comfortable, and designed to be easy to get in and out of. Some of these chairs are specially designed to support more than average weight. Many assisted living chairs are designed from either steel or wood, and normally have a cushioned vinyl or upholstered seating surface. Assisted living chairs are designed for and work great in senior center restaurants, assisted living facilities, or anywhere customers may need assistance.

Conference Seating Chairs
Conference seating chairs, much like stackable chairs, are a budget friendly option. Conference seating chairs normally feature comfortable cushioned seating surfaces. There are many color and upholstery design options available in conference seating chairs. These chairs are great for conferences or seminars, and also in a restaurant banquet setting.

Lounge Seating Chairs
Lounge seating chairs are normally designed for a lounge area or club room. Lounge seating chair is plush and designed to be extremely comfortable and luxurious. The look of lounge seating is decidedly upscale. Many lounge seating pieces are made from fine upholstery or leather. They are great for use in high end exclusive clubs, restaurant or hotel waiting areas, or any area where customers expect a nice place to relax.

Just as with restaurant tables, there are many choices available in restaurant chairs. An experienced commercial furniture representative with Missouri Table & Chair will be more than happy to explain all the chair choices available within your restaurant design and budget.