Restaurant Patio Furnishings that Attract Customers

Restaurant Fire PitIf your restaurant business features a patio, it’s undoubtedly taking up precious real estate and costing you a significant amount per square foot. It’s time to make efficient use of that space.

That means using patio furnishings that increase customer satisfaction, attract crowds and help your patio better adapt to tough weather conditions. Here is a guide to patio furnishings that will help bring your restaurant’s outdoor patio experience to the next level.

Patio Heaters and Fire Pits Equal More Customers

People are simply attracted to fire pits and heaters. The warmth and comfort they provide help sell more food and drinks, make your restaurant patio furniture more enticing, and create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for guests.

Patio heaters and fire pits also provide a chance to dramatically increase your bottom line and get the most from your patio throughout the year. There’s no doubt that spring and fall feature chillier nights, but with a patio heater or fire pit, you can generate money during colder days and nights, and keep your guests happy while they dine on outdoor patio tables and chairs.

There are plenty of hospitality business settings that can benefit from outdoor heaters and fire pits. They’re the perfect choice for a restaurant that wants to create an intimate or even romantic atmosphere for customers. At the same time, outdoor heaters can serve as a great place for customers to gather around at a sports bar to watch a game on a television, ensuring a warm spot for fans to cheer their teams and a reason for customers to spend a lot more in your establishment.

Cool Off With Water Misters

Some people love to be outdoors even during the hottest days of summer, and restaurants can do a lot to attract more customers through the use of water misters. Water misters are essentially the opposite of gas heaters, producing a fine mist that helps guests cool down even in the hottest weather.

Potential customers walking by your restaurant on a street will be immediately drawn to the promise of a cool outdoor water mister, ensuring they can enjoy their meal and drinks no matter how hot it is. There’s also no doubt that the mist floating in the air creates a relaxing summertime environment that customers will love.

Furthermore, outdoor patio furniture such as restaurant patio chairs can get hot in intense sun. A fine mist helps keep your entire patio cool, including your furniture, without actually making your outdoor seating area wet. Essentially, a water mister allows you to strike the perfect temperature balance on your patio.

Ultimately, when you combine a heater or fire pit in addition to a water mister, you help put your outdoor restaurant furniture in the best light and attract guests in all types of weather conditions. These features can also help separate your hospitality establishment, keeping you ahead of the competition and offering you the chance to provide a special feature that keeps your patio at full capacity.