Restaurant Seating Options

resaturant seatingWhen it comes to purchasing restaurant chairs, tables, barstools or any other type of furniture for your restaurant, it pays to take some time and investigate all of the different options and trends available in restaurant seating.  There are an unbelievable amount of choices in exciting color options and seating and table options available in restaurant furniture.

When you think of restaurant seating, you may think in terms of purchasing all wood restaurant chairs or maybe a restaurant full of vinyl restaurant chairs.  Perhaps your personal taste dictates that your restaurant would be better served by installing restaurant booths.  All of these seating options are excellent choices.  Missouri Table & Chair carries only high quality restaurant seating, table and furniture options, so there are no wrong answers for your establishment.

Have you considered combining different types of furniture?  Many of the new looks in restaurants feature combining both booth seating and restaurant table and chair seating within the same establishment.  Perhaps you’d like high top wood butcher block tables with bar height warm wood restaurant barstools in your bar, and booths with warm wood dining height butcher block tables and rich looking wood chairs in the dining area.   Many restaurants have historically used this classic look for a very good reason.  It sets the tone of your restaurant as classy and comfortable.

Another great look for restaurants which is also very functional is to mix booth and chair seating in restaurant booth configurations.  Two sided booth seating is familiar to everyone, but many restaurants now install long booth bench seating areas, perhaps along a wall, and then intersperse two or four person table tops along the length of the bench seating.  Across the table from the booth seating, restaurant chairs are installed, creating a row of two to four person seating areas.  A great feature of this type of setup is that groups of multiple people who differ on their preference between chair and booth seating will be accommodated.

The design options for this type of restaurant seating arrangement are endless.  Booths are customizable and can be manufactured in almost any configuration.  Paired with the infinite possibility of wood or metal chairs, and wood, granite, resin or many other table top options, any design or color scheme can be accomplished.  This arrangement can also mix and match contemporary fabrics and designs with a more traditional warm wood table or chair to achieve a whimsical but sophisticated look.

Another fun design element in booths is the half booth.  These booths, often shaped in a sort of a half circle, are usually small, and many times set in a row against a wall or in small alcoves.  These small booths, which can be infinitely custom designed in gorgeous fabrics or easy to care for vinyls matching the décor of the restaurant, are great in a bar area or any place where a restaurant would like to create seating for couples.  One of the highlights of this configuration is that the couples can sit together in an intimate setting, but also face out towards the rest of the restaurant or bar area to be a part of the action.  This is a great setup for restaurants featuring a happy hour type atmosphere or just have a clientele that likes to mingle.

For bar and lounge style establishments, or even for restaurants that feature a bar and lounge area, another style of restaurant chair and table seating that is a great option and is very luxurious and attractive is two or three club or lounge style chairs or seating matched with a small two to three person rich butcher block wood table or an exquisite granite table top.  This look is extremely comfortable and also warm and elegant looking.  The swivel leather club chair or any of the leather club chairs mixed together would be an excellent choice for a bar and lounge area.  The leather club benches would also be great in this setting as accent pieces or as waiting area seating.

As you can see, there are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to restaurant tables, chairs and booth seating.  A new restaurant owner may want to visit a lot of restaurants or do some searching on the internet for ideas on the types of restaurant furniture configurations they prefer.