Restaurant Table Base and Table Pairings

restaurant table topsDo you ever wonder why a certain restaurant table top is paired with a specific table base? While each customer’s personal taste is a key factor, here are four general ways restaurant table bases are matched to table tops.

Matching Styles
One way of matching tables to bases is by style. An example of this is a round oak table with a traditional oak base. This is a classic combination and a great base for use when the table bases are going to be highly visible.

Matching Themes
Some restaurants want to carry their overall restaurant theme not only to their table top, but to the base as well. For example, a cowboy bar and grill may use an oak top and an ornate base for a theme.

Table Stability
Some table tops, such as granite table tops, need to be matched to a certain weight or size of base to be sturdy enough to support the table. Depending on the table top size, the top may even need to be supported by two or more bases, and need additional table base options, such as glides, to ensure the table’s stability.

Customer Comfort
Have you ever sat down at a restaurant table and constantly kicked the table base? Depending on the size and shape of the table top, a certain style of restaurant table base may need to be used to ensure the proper leg room for customers.

When matching restaurant table bases to restaurant table tops, it is invaluable to contact an experienced commercial furniture representative, especially to ensure the table’s stability and customer comfort.