Restaurant Table or Restaurant Booth

restaurant boothsWould you like to sit at a table or a booth? Everybody’s heard this question before from the restaurant staff, when dining at a restaurant that offers both table and booth seating. This poses the question: why do people prefer one type of restaurant seating over another?

Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths are frequently preferred by customers because they are extremely cozy. Numerous couples prefer the privacy a booth offers. Single diners may feel less exposed when seated at a booth located next to a wall. A lot of restaurant booth options include thickly padded seats and backs, creating a more luxurious and comfortable seating area.

Restaurant Tables

Restaurant tables are many restaurant patrons’ preference because of their high level of flexibility. Restaurant chair and table seating arrangements accommodate a wide range of people. The space between the restaurant table and chair, depending on the particular restaurant configuration, is extremely adjustable. Restaurant chairs can be pulled back from the table as far as necessary to accommodate each individual diner, and they can be moved, so that no diner is blocked in at the table. Restaurant tables and chairs can be reconfigured and arranged to accommodate any size dining group.

Countless types of restaurants benefit from being able to offer both restaurant booth and table seating. Missouri Table & Chair offers a vast variety of restaurant chair and table options, as well as luxurious restaurant booths, all with budget friendly prices. Contact an experienced commercial furniture representative for assistance.